Days In My Life · Diary


I start blogging again

I made quite a few blogs back when I was 14 or so, just to follow this so called trends. For today I would say it is different. I start to blog again because I feel empty, just a bit. I guess since blogging, only random people would read or probably no one would, sound sad but its true. And that does not really matter I think.

Simply take picture of what I have been through daily, or something I adore would not be so bad after all. I feel like I am able to tell what is going on, not to a person but to an open space. To express something to a living, they would most likely to reject or throw their opinion saying it is wrong, this is right. Quite disappointing but what can we do.

Not so sure if I should tell my stories here, because some part of me are terrified of being judge, while another part of me want to embrace and be open to be accepted as who I am, what I am and both past and present me.

Soon I might open to share my experience, may not be as helpful but will be fun to read at least.

Thankyou, Y.

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