Personal Growth

In Touch

One might be busy with life, distracted with their own schedule, confuse with the term love as well.

But here trying to maintain my friendship, or am I. I am going to text first because expecting someone to text me is not a option. It is obvious the other are waiting as well, or maybe not but still. Why would you do that. At the end you know yourself what will happen. Tell me, tell yourself, who put YOU as their first priority within all of this years? silly. 

Trying to make an effort is never wrong if you are aware of what you are doing. Thus, I do not want them to think that I forget, but to be real here I really do care despite how I act towards them when we met. Thats whats wrong, you made lots of efforts, they don’t see that, but if they do, do they appreciate it?  

I laughed. Its good, its been a while and its good to feel important at least, for now.

That ends, you see their colours from day one. 

In the other side, don’t. Later on you will see.

Some efforts need to stop. Sometime, you need to be there for yourself. 

You’ll understand. 

Posted this on 30th of September. I replied to my self in Lilac colour, today its 16th April.



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