Not so sure how to present this, it supposed to be an anti-bully/cyber bully image, but it turns out too creepy, sorry about that.

The point is all of the words on my face are those kind of words people throw at me (way back then).

For being weird, not something that suits their level of normal, too naive, and such. It seems fun to talk shit about someone, make them do stupid things might as well use them and ask fucked up questions as “what teenagers do/daily entertainment”.

(You may not understand this part, since I’m writing straight to the point, and yeah my past was fucked up)

Cried in the corner even hide in the closet asking what am I doing here. To be honest I attempt suicide several times due to emotional and mental breakdown. Seem weak aren’t I? But no, some may understand, some may not. People are afraid of things that they don’t understand.  It was hard to control your own thoughts and feelings and no one is there to understand your situation. But I do remember one of my cousin were there to calm me down and think is it worth it to do so, would you let them beat you up, why would you let them win your life. If you know who you are,thank you. (although I know you won’t read this)

I manage to survive, I think. It was a lesson, at least I know few things about whats happening or how does it feels like.

Please stop your SO CALLED entertainment I’ve seen a few people on Instagram (to tagur there’s a high chance some will say non of your business then ok), you might end or even ruin someone else’s life. It is not fun to do so, if you do find it ‘fun” to bully someone, physically even through social media, well hooman get yourself a life.

If they are able the survive that stage, may god bless and keep moving forward. Do what makes you happy, you, just be you because there will be those who will accept you for you.
I thank those who were there for me, when I’m really down, and when trust is so damn hard to gain.
(Been wanting to post this for years, now I have to courage (sort of), judge me if you want, but I am posting what is real (sort of), agree with the statement thank you, if you don’t like it so let it be)


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