I could see you through my lens, capturing every moment and your smile. Doing my best to hold on, hiding the pain that you caused by walking around with different flowers. How sometimes you are able to put a smile on my face, as well as heartache, for every smile you put on others too. Those words you have said, something similar that both of us had, made me believe but signs does not apply as an answer. Weird enough that you made me act this way, feel this way, and look at you alone that way. So tell me, wondering if I am just a person for a specific topic or just someone you are able to share the same interest with. I am happy to see that me, myself could adore your actions that lead me to who I am now. Writing something relate to you, only for you, with my own words deep from my own heart. As for now I want to write more. Let me be this way, because you are the first that makes me feel like wanting something that are impossible to reach out, you are my limit.  This is suicidal, yet.

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