team work

The increase in number within the group leads to more complexity of ideas and opinions. It is hard to please someone or a group of people. Thankfully, the group I am with is the best so far. We laugh, smile, share and stress each other, but as a result our assignment went well. Glad enough to say that I get to know them. First impression was different, in reality to know it is so much better. How it affect my confidence level, when they say something nice that I have never heard. “University is fun”, a the first three weeks it was a burden, to not have friends, to face different ages and personalities, more tasks than usual. The more I step forward to more I understand what they meant. Yes it is. To see a good change of yourself, see others improvement, although you may feel a bit down due to the differences. You are able to challenge yourself to fit in. Sounds wrong but it is in a good way. University is so much more different from what I’ve heard as people who has never been there. The point, never judge something if you have never step on it and be there on your own. As it is my new experience, totally new for me. Bravery is now in me. I am happy that they made me this way. How our tutors are not just reading by textbook but they include real knowledge as the world evolves around us. Team work is everything that takes you to another level.

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