Step One

First semester changes me, not different but more to be me. To be able to open up, accepting different point of view, rejected, disappointment as well, lots of challenges to be exact. I met new faces as I have always wanted to try. It’s quite hard since you can never please each and everyone. But still, I am glad to be with them, my new friends and colleagues. I have join student council just mainly because I want to get out of my bubble, and to see if I could push my limit. Overall it is really fun! hella fun, they were so nice, and professional I might add. Helpful as well. Next semester will be a challenge due to range of activities will be on the list.

Moving on to the module I took, LE was really hard since I don’t like english related things, for instance GP from my previous school. However, I did improve numbers of things from it. Namely referencing (hell it’s a headache), structuring, researching and new websites I could go. So far with this module, Alhamdulillah, and my team members are fun to hang and laugh around with.

Next is Business Management, this would probably be my Major, as in B.M. I think. Focusing too much on video making, and I have develop a few skill from being behind the camera. As for the classes, it is quite similar to Business Studies back in Sixth Form, thus I don’t focus too much, which I regret it. Typical. As for the team that I was assigned to work with was time consuming, emotionally and physically challenging, but then I laugh a lot.

Principle of Economics, yikes. I have no basic on this module and I suck so bad at it. Mostly with the graphs. The exam I had few days ago, I literally have no idea what did I write. High change that I won’t score this module. Oh and we have to actually sing the topics given randomly with random people who I barely know. Really hard, but we survived, the team and I had really fun recording, video taking, eating as well as going out to a beach.

Lastly, Business, Government and Society. At first, it looks like Sociology. I hate the fact that we have to write everything down on a piece of paper, while the slides moving on too fast. Can’t concentrate on what the lecture said, while writing. But in the end I really really like this module. The fact that my lecture is really demanding in terms of assignments, research and presentation every weeks was fun. Yes, fun. Despite the limited time given.

To state that my overall experience of being the first year and first semester at our local university, is really amazing, but not for the examination part because I suck so bad. From this I have learnt that i need to make my own notes during lecture, to be close with lectures, make more friends because it matters and affect your socialising thing in Uni. such and such.

InysaAllah I will do better next semester. SO hit me with your best … challenges?
Ok thanks. hahaha


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