Again, I’m tired of being control. All of the sudden things takes me back to the cage, that I crave for freedom. I thought that I am now, free. Was I wrong? I did make the right decision, didn’t I? I know I did, but why does this happen at once.

You’re repeating, more like doing the same blood bath like he does to me. Don’t hold me back. Don’t you dare hide me just for the sake of your ego. I might look like a doll, as I know I am being used, thrown and taken by new, as again it repeats and never stay to one.

I lost my mood, might be sense of direction. I feel nothing but numb towards this case. Used to it. Yes I’m used to it. Yet again I want to be free. I can’t stop myself from thinking or questioning things late night until I finally fall asleep from being too tired of thinking.

I did say be you, but I never want it to be like this.

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