So I guess my doubts was always right, all along. I know from start that I should have not trust you, still till today. I don’t. Hatred is that the main reason why? Envy? Jealousy?

If you can’t accept yourself then that is your choice. You have been lying to yourself. How high is your ego and selfishness? It seems that what we had was only a competition. What was your intention to approach me? Your aims, your goals your dreams does not seems real to me.

Yes, I realized when it started. Playing along was a good option. I am able to see your true color. In between red and blue, the color I should avoid. Too naïve to believe that people deserve second chances, even change for the better. Better in hiding true self and acting as acceptable character for the society to see.

Yes again, I do realized I have been there as a shadow as well as an option. As second, hardly first. Then, I manage to survive your game play, opening up my door more to other, accepting my past more than regretting it, thanks to you, I have learn to live on my own. I stand with those who trust me, believe in me, and be there for me. Despite how we use one another to get advantages yet equal in terms of value.

To the point that I see how desperate your actions is, careless to take control of the events surrounding you. Everything matches now, and it makes sense to me. Very clear.

Game over.

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