I do not have the right to state this, but I do have my own experience regarding this. To accept yourself first is what ‘s important; to fake yourself for society may not lead you to a happy life. Although how much shine you get, how much friends you made, but holding back you, yourself will not help you in the future. To either find yourself in you or let them define you, shape you, kill you slowly, not physically but mentally.


However, showing yourself too much seems weird to other’s eyes. Not the definition of normal for them, but it is normal for you. They will laugh at you, most. A few will accept you. Before that keep moving forwards. Would spend a lifetime running from what you adore, from what you are, mainly from you? Or would you rather act the way they want you to, please them as much as they want you to?


Once I opened up, but I guess it’s too much. The more step I look, the more I was able to look. Who is fake and who is real, who will be there and who is just there for their needs and think less of yours. Take note that even a relationship you are in with your friends will then leads to an end. Seems cruel doesn’t it? The world is, human as well, they lie for their love ones and worse of all for benefiting themselves.


So tell me, would you give up and live in the society as they make you into an individual that have the same mindset, letting them brain wash you for being yourself is not a good choice? Or be who you are, be happy, others may not see, but when you are alone, you can see for yourself that you are happy. Not trying but you are you. Happiness will come along when you will meet one day, with those who has the same interest in you.


Good luck and live in the moment.



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