Paint me

To be stress is part of being a teenager, to state that I am no longer one. Being labeled as young adult, which means you have your own responsibilities now. They say that as you grow older you will understand the responsibilities that you have to face, but never one have ever told you actually how to survive. You see even parents are trying to be parents, as their child complaint that they never understand what is going on. In my perspective, both sides hardly even try to understand one another. Communication is a key, which act as a glue soon if you have succeed.


Stress might be or may not be the topic. Understanding is what matters, but too much of it will cause you a headache. How you understand the situation, understand the case as well as those who are involved in it, do not mean you can always solve it. Face the fact that some may not able to accept the reality; to be preferable being lied by a shadow rather than to hear out the truth by the light.


Trying to hold on, to actually understand more, despite how painful it is to think about. But I guess it’s just me being me. Sometimes I keep it way too long in me, which is not a good idea for my head as words going on and on screaming for the answer that I seek. Again I am thankful for you being here hearing me out. One should not forget that we could never handle everything on our own. A simple conversation is what a person needs to at least feel belong.


I have learned how to leave those who do not matter to me, wasting my time trying to paint me in black instead of range of colors. You could find more, varieties of color out there, new ones as well. Overlap the past with your new memories that then making your stress as fun instead of an act that holds you back.


Create your own color too.




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