2015 thankyou

Few more minutes until the clock hits 12, that then we are here together in 2016.


I would like to state that 2015, was one of the most challenging years so far. You know where I have to wait for my A level result, which Alhamdulilah open the door for me to enter local University. Afterwards, I have to meet new faces, which is kind of hard and new to me, due to the fact that I am not the type to easily make new friends, trust or even bother to.


I am glad as well for my friends who have been and still, stay with me through all the years. Oh wait, I have to state this, one of my “friend” actually deleted my phone number when I texted asking about how she’s been doing, in the early of 2015. Guess I’m not that useful for her anymore. Quite harsh but reality hits you like a truck. Which resulting me to differentiate which is your friend and which is your classmate, big difference, for me. That does not apply to you guys.


I thank F (not going to state my friends name, privacy thing so), for helping me out during the first week of University, it was hard but your support and for you being there means a lot to me. We do still text one another, and I am thankful that we keep this friendship going. After that I met Q and D, which now is my closest friends in University, we tend to eat, hangout together and kind of took the same modules.


Would want to state to all of my colleagues in all of the modules I took, for leading me, helping me and working together to produce so called music video, movies and such, I had so much fun with you guys. Created more than enough wonderful memories for those who I just met. I hope we could be in the same modules or group, even if we won’t I really appreciate the memories we made, and stay friends that way.


As by I joined student council, the typical “I want to get out of the bubble”, which it happened. Surprisingly I met A, S and H which likes anime as I do. It’s a first for me to meet someone, female friends, in University or school who actually like the kind of anime that I like. It’s a big thing for me, and it is hard for me to actually talk with female friends, because I really am suck at it. To be honest I myself even get all nervous trying to talk or text to girls. (Now now I am straight, just not used to it).


Overall my University, first semester went well, new friends check, get to know people before judging them check (I’ve learn from my mistake, and I did apologized to them, personally. Finally I have the guts.), joining something to push me check.


Some cons I have to state that I rarely talk to my parents and siblings due to busy schedule, which is bad, and it made me feel a bit stressful. In addition I don’t have someone to talk to for what is going on for a moment. But I am blessed to have my bestfriend with me to share whatever happens in my head, and more, and more, thank you for being there for me through ups and downs. That’s a first, secondly, realizing how I may lose friends, old ones one by one. And it’s okay because you could see who will be there and still bother to stay. Which I want to thank, we are kind of like a group so, A, K, A, E and A, for being with me since forever. Thankyou so much, and I love you guys. Same goes to my adorable C, my little happy pill, which we’ve known for 3 years now, be happy and I will be there for you. Lastly my twin, S. She is really, really my twin. I can’t elaborate all, but the point is she’s my twin, my long lost sister. I am so glad to meet her, and create memories with her too.



As year passed by, I could see changes, not all changes are bad. Quite happy to see we are all growing up although we took different paths, and kind of sad to see some have shown their true color slow but clear enough. It sickening me to see that, but after all we could never please everyone, despite how nice we were to them.


I really can’t name them all, or share everything, but 2015 has been wonderful to me. Therefore I am looking forward to 2016, new challenges, friends, probably enemy I don’t know and I really don’t mind, adventure and such. I do faced relationship and friendship drama, but I have made my choice. I choose to go, and walk away. Sometimes holding on is not the only thing, letting go do gives you happiness as well. Not to depend too much on someone to make you happy, but more like you, yourself do whatever that makes you happy. If you fall little chances that someone would be there in the shadow, pick you up and lead you. You have to help yourself too.


Almost forgot, thankyou for my gamer friends and twitter and IG as well as blog? and such for being my friends, I think. Would hopefully get to know you guys more.


Thankyou for reading, and Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “2015 thankyou

  1. Congrats girl, you survived 2015 (and also your first semester of university)! I’m glad the battle ends with wisdom and lessons and your battle-scars looks amazing on you 😉 Here’s to your next two semester for 2016!


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