Taking in

It’s a Thursday that I never thought it will be this cold. What I’m seeing at that moment is that the color of light blue, dark and green. Creating layers that I have never seen before here, in where I live. Not too hot, the weather, and not too cold as well. More like calming, where you can just close your eyes and let the sound of the ocean put you into sleep.

I took a deep breath, taking in the air into my lungs and letting it go slowly as his eyes locked into mine, despite how he knows I focus more into the view. Silent is not always bad, as stated in relationship quotes. Enjoying one is the best at this situation. However it is always been this hard to ignore the past, telling me to let it go but I can’t.

“Just let it go, its your past, let it stay there”

“I know, but you can’t just forget your mistakes, which what makes us now, today”

Everyone have their own dark past, the number of people knowing it better be less than the number of close friends you have.

Wondering why does it have to appear here, like now, at this time when I just need to be free. My memories are not even painful as it used to, more like history that I might, hardly learn from it. As forgetful I can be, I will never forget certain events in my life, either if its important or that kind that risks my life with.

Keep bringing me back here to calm me down, I appreciate that. You are actually listening to what I have been through, I am thankful for that.


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