Should let go

Cat may be one’s best friend, rather than dogs. However for some people they are more like a family member. Living with ten cats seems hard, it is but it’s worth it. To be able to know that each one have different personalities despite the color of fur that may be similar. The lucky one that could see the difference between cats that they own. It is not just a cat, it’s a living being as well, just like us human, but more playful and careless regarding their surroundings. For myself, my room is a mess everyday due to the kittens playing around random things they found, but mostly boxes. I don’t know why but cats do have a thing with boxes, so does big cats.


It’s almost a year now that I finally have a pet, cat. Well now I have ten of them. You know how cat can calm you down, it’s like your personal therapist, which you have to pay by food only. One time I had a rough day, physically and mentally, Maths (female cat aged 9 months, yes her name is Maths) jumped on my bed and start to give me a mini massage and lick my face afterwards. Kind of cute that it successfully makes me feel better. As if they actually understand you.

They do, just seem to care less.


But then I have to give up four or five of my kittens because I know that I can’t take care of them all. Heart breaking, when you think of them as your own child and you have to give up on them, not in a bad way, just so that they can have or live with a better owner soon in the future. I tried not to think too much of it, but nowadays then tend to be so much more closer to me. Every night they would climb up to my bed, sleep on or next to me. Can they feel it? Do they know? I hope not, I feel sad all of the sudden, trying so hard not to let a single tear fall. I love them too much now. Always do.


Guess this is the struggle of a cat lover, more like a mother. Some could relate, some may look at me like what the hell is wrong? it’s nothing wrong. Just some that could actually understand, and I hope that the kittens’ future owner would love them and take good care of them as much as I do.



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