He Knows

It’s just a normal day, the usual ones. Only today I hangout with my friends, but my car broke down so we have to use other car, my friend’s. As we arrive to unfamiliar shop, in search of snacks and drinks. Taking our time picking up our favorite snacks, until we’re done and walk our way to the cashier. Putting in my change into the wallet and my eyes are locked to this one person outside the shop, right there smiling. He wears black shirt with matching leather jacket, holding his cigarette and say, “you’re dead”. The door locked, panic, my friends were screaming, quickly I found the way out, more doors, and more pathways to run, and every corner I see him in the dark smiling.


Until we reach to this one apartment, no other way to hide nor run so we went it. As we walk up to the stairs, there were lots of people, scary looking ones. All in black coloured clothing, mostly mens. More cigarettes, the smoke is covering almost everything. At the final level and only one door. For no reason I kicked the door open, and. He is there, sitting. I don’t understand what’s going on, I don’t even know what will happen to us but his word keeps echoing in my head. Mix feelings between mad and scared as well as confuse. So I asked, “why, what’s our fault, who the hell are you? Where the fuck is this. What do you want from me?!”. As mentioned before, he said.

To be continue..

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