Give Away!

Hello, and welcome!

So yes a give away for both, celebrating my e-shop first anniversary and 1k views for my blog. Actually I was supposed to have a give away after I reached 1k on Instagram, but it’s not the right time. Sorry about that hahaha.

Since now it is, I would like to say thank you so much for your support, my regular customers and new ones as well, for the readers on my blog and checking out my Instagram posts too.


I can’t thank you guys enough, hopefully all of the items I bought, kind of worth it. There are two set, Set A is mainly back to school theme, and Set B is BND $50 off for any purchase at @A.Rabbit_eshop (Instagram).


To put it in more details for Set A:

  1. Perfume Pattern Faux Leather Backpack
  2. Crystal Necklace
  3. Metal Frame Sunglasses
  4. Flower Bracelet watch
  5. Pencil Case (Full set)
  6. Galaxy Pen Set Black ink
  7. Set of Rings
  8. Faux Fur Cat iPhone 6 case


All of the above worth BND $170. 

The give away will end on 5th February 2016 and will be announce on 6th February.


Any questions simply comment on the section below.


How to join? (Instagram contest)

  1. Repost the post on Instagram (@A.Rabbit_eshop) with #ARabbitEshopGiveaway
  2. Tag at least 3 o
    f your friends, no fake accounts or give away accounts
  3. Make sure that you are following both @A.Rabbit_eshop and @FallingForSnow
  4. Comment “Done, and I want..”


As easy as that, again thankyou and good luck!

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