or is it

Turning dark, I thought I was safe. By them yes I do, but when I’m sitting on my bed, thinking of the things I should do, should have done, the time passing by, the emotions I have been holding on, the words that I tried to let go, unable to understand the situation, messy mind.

I might hit my own limit, or did I? When you’re down there, you’re just there.

Not sure if you could go up there back, or should you even climb up there. Which either two is better for myself.

The chart does not match, a lot of new things happening, numbers of doors opening, too good but I know its bad.

Is it really a bunch of human being, tons of minds, range of memories, so little time? Permission granted, pictures taken, yet it does not balance one thing.

I think that I think too much, I know what I am capable of, the sound behind your head tries to mess things up.

Is it the devil or you, the dark part of you? Manipulating what’s right to a fucked up nature.


Get your shit together.


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