It’s familiar but not really, a bit dark but still little a light is more than enough. I walk into a long hallway, just to help her. Night as the light is off, chatters still going on but I’m just sitting on the floor thinking what I should do for tomorrow, nothing more than that. A bit annoyed how late it was, still they are having a conversation loudly, little do they care the others need rest too. Trying to ignore every words stated, coughing, even snores, to get a good rest, if I could. As soon as the sun goes up in the morning, the neighbor started to talk to one another, comfort one another, which makes me realize.

I do know things like this does exist, but I tend to forget. How lucky you are with what you have right now, with those you have right now, in what state you are in too. Some are not that lucky as you are, more likely to forget and take precious things for granted. Setting it as a problem to you, not a blessing nor acknowledging how important it is in your life, daily.

I could see and even hear how easily someone could shout and even leave their mother, sick ones, just like that within minutes. Be mad at them just because you cannot make it to your meetings and do your work on time. Be mad to someone who has been there for your all of your life. Feed you well, provide what you need, basic things. Still, a parent is working hard to provide those things, any simple actions that seem to be nothing in your eyes but means the world to them.

How guilty I was seeing an old women sitting there on a bed, on her own while watching the others neighbour talking with their family members as they come more, and more. Currently, no one is there for her, nor her husband, even her child. I could only pray for her well being. Seems a bit harsh the way she talk, other than that it was awkward to know how she told us about her family relations, and how she’s been treated like nothing. Hardly reach a bottle of water to drink, limited choice to eat due to her current health, unable to walk because of her age and her state, could only listen to random conversation by people around her, its is hard for her to even talk clearly.

I have been there, but the opposite. I was sick, to let you know I rarely sick, Alhamdulillah. But I had a fever that lasts for a week and then continued for another week. A result state that I have to go and stay, to be exact labelled as “emergency case”. My mother was at shocked to know, but then I have to go. Lying on the bed thinking nothing more than just my examination that I will be having soon. I got distracted how loud it was, even I myself got surprised how they cursed every minute. It was between a mother and her daughter. Now, I’m not entering anyone’s business, but it was loud and clear, who could get that. Stressful, I can not get any rest until 3 AM in the morning, in addition I was alone.

She always has been there for me. My mother took care of me for days afterwards as well as my siblings. The next day my friends visited me, talk to me, asking how are you, even giving simple gifts, a smile as well as their worries could warm me. At night, relatives come by, short visit, I was a mess but what can you do. Forcing myself to drink more, they gave me more than ten package or more, it’s cold as fuck. Would you stand a cold needle, and liquid entering through your vein for a week or so? I don’t but I have to. How bad it was? It affect seventy percent of my lungs, changes my skin to pale and reddish spots.

Enough of that, the point is that, at this place, it could be so dark, dark enough to make you realize the blessing you are having, and realize how others does not have. A family.

Does not matter how you hate your sibling, does not matter how annoyed you are to your parents nagging at you, how lack of attention your friends are giving to you, how bad you think you are. When you are down, you can see who actually love you, care enough for you and keep that, remember and count that as well, it’s a blessing. Take note that not everyone has the chance, not everyone have the opportunity, therefore do appreciate the little things, all of it.

I was at the hospital, as helpful it is for your health, mentally too, you could learn more from it. Mainly the dark ones, those hopefully instead of throwing it as a bad behavior, take it as a lesson.


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