Phone case!


Back when I was wondering, scrolling through Instagram looking at e-shops selling phone cases. Have you ever just seen a phone case that suits you so well, more into your liking but apparently it is not available for your phone. Mainly all of those amazing iPhone cases designs that are not available for Samsung? Just an example.

Until this one eshop on Instagram offer services where you could customize your phone cases. So I have order number of cases from Hs_colormadness. Its been two years more or less, his services meet my expectation, always.



I prefer to order Full Print cases from Hs_colormadness, he offer three types of phone case print:

  1. Full print as stated with matte look finish
  2. Bold Print which have black rubber sides
  3. Back Print which is hard case with black sides.

From iPhone, iPod, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Zenfone, Huawei and Oppo.

Price range?

Price given is from BND $15 to BND $18!




As you can see, this is my current phone case! (I designed it myself HEHEHE) ok back to the point.

The case fit iPhone 6 plus perfectly. I personally prefer to order Full Print as I said before, which give matte looking. This case look absolutely stunning, include a hipster like style and it relish a personal touch. Take note that it is completely unique and worth a visit due to the fact that, it is customised to suit your taste and style. It is slim and lightweight with cutouts in the entire right place, although it is mid-level protection. In the other hand, it’s a terrific budget option! I mean would you want to spend BND$28 and above for a case that does not have a design that suits you, or just for protection? meh Phone cases represent part of you.

Other phone cases 

This is one of the cases I order from Hs_colormadness too

and yes I watch anime too. Will cover that stories or case later on. (or if someone have a request etc etc)


Where can you get this cases? 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hs_colormadness

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hscolormadness

Simply check on his Instagram account or Facebook account, phone number will be given.



Q: How to order?

A: Simply whatsapp him, his number will be state on Instagram

Q: when is the ETA? (Estimation Time Arrival)

A: 7 to 12 working days AFTER order close

Q: How much for a case

A: Since he offered 3 different type of cases, the price is obviously different as well.

Q: Can we meet up somewhere? MP?

A: apparently no, it’s self pick up (Brunei Muara) OR EMS Poslaju.


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