Explain tired

I’m tired of everything at the moment.

Tired of thinking,

Paperworks that should be done, assignment with limited time, catching up with five modules for this semester, up coming tests and events.

Moverover to stable, and to treat equally my relationship with my family, friends and so on.

I’m tired of thinking, I know I think a lot, not just that, I have too much things to do, so little time to spend for sleep, to be specific a time for myself.

I know that I have to lead as example, I know I have to make my parents happy, I know that as youth today you have to change yourself to a better person before leading the others, I know we have to face similar paths.

Yet again, I’m just that, just tired. Unable to explain how I’m just feeling that way. If I decide to go to sleep early, I might just missed a couple of hours to do things that I should do. Tiring but which one is better?

Sleep away while your works awaits, or staying up late and repeat what you are feeling right now.

You see, I know what is important, what is not, I hope so. But as if this feeling, being tired does not exist I could do my work better, and faster maybe. Then again “we are just human” but no. I had enough of that.

To think of other could do more, with so little time. Therefore its possible.

To think that the time you could use that are beneficial for our future or let it be. so, it will be worth it.

To think that Time will not always be our friend. Again, how can I overcome this feeling. I apologise for being selfish. Face it, who will be there when I’m done.

Peppermint Mocha would be nice.

As tired as I could be,what I am feeling right now,

its better to do what we should before tomorrow.

rather than letting it be that way till next year.

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