Kenali Negara Kita in short #KNK, Bandar, Brunei Darussalam. 

So I decided to have a short trip with my family and my “twin”

It was on a Sunday, December 2015.

Sachi do you want to go for a trip soon?

Sachi is basically my long lost twin. By twin I mean the similarities of our interests, likes, personalities, pasts, current mostly we have it all (or almost) the same. Long story short, I am glad to finally meet her.


So my dad used to live at Kampong Ayer, along side with his family and friends, but now we’re living around Gadong. The only thing I know about Bandar is just Bandar and Kampong Ayer, thats it, not more than that. and also my late grandparents.

And so we stopped by this Island, which I am not sure what is the name of the island, but it  is isolated and quite far away. Asides that, I am amaze. Base on all of the images (I have more but it took time to upload all of it) I took random shots of the area. At first I was surprise how blueish green the view is, its so clear I wish I could just throw myself out there, but unfortunately I can’t swim.

Moving on to the 3rd photo, which seem to be, I’m not sure how to explain. To me it give me that “Dead Island” atmosphere.

image-03-03-16-09-25-7The Bridge.

This is how some of the Kampong Ayer houses looks like, except for the last one, because its obviously burned down, while the other side is more modern. To be honest I like the traditional ones rather that the new ones, does seem to give that feel of Brunei. (in my opinion)

The (and I forgot the name of the island, again) tiny island have its own history as well. With this amazing view, I really can’t hold my self from taking numbers of shots.

Thats it for #KNK Kampung Ayer.

Would love to do more, soon!

3 thoughts on “KNK

  1. wow i miss kampung Ayer 😦 thnks for sharing it around the global mostly the people who don’t know our contry like. plus the small island you were saying was called as Jong batu


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