Get To Know Me: 25 Question

  1. Are you named after anyone?

Yes, both from my parents’ great grandparents name combined?

  1. How would you describe your personality?

Hazim said

  • Charismatic
  • easily bored

For me I’m:

  • Bossy
  • Easily annoyed
  • bookworm
  • I like to be called “nerd”
  • Childish (to my brothers huehuehue)
  • I really don’t know much


  1. 3 fears

I’m afraid of heights, long-story-short I almost fall from a rollercoaster ride. The belt wasn’t fully locked during a loop. *Crei an ocean*

Disappointing my mother, I owe her a lot. I always want to make her proud.

Probably that’s it. eh wait, that damn Chucky.


  1. 3 things that you love or adore?

Travelling, I really like to explore any places, learn new things and

Food, god food is everything.

Photography, I got it from my dad, he’s a freelance photographer so I continue.


  1. Who is your best friend?

I don’t do friend labelling. But I have number of close friends, thats more than enough for now.


  1. Last song you listened to?

Panic! At The Disco’s Emperor’s New Clothes, I’m obsess with his Music Video!


  1. Your Favourite number?

Seven, is my favourite or lucky number.


  1. Do you wear make-up everyday?

Not really, depends on my mood. If I feel like it. But most of the time I would only wear eyeliners and lipstick.


  1. How tall are you?

152 cm, I’m that short.


  1. When is your birthday?

24th September.


  1. Favourite show?


  1. What’s the worst thing that happened to you in your entire life?

hmm, that would be my secondary school phase. I was bullied for years actually, but it was a good experience in a way. Still it was the worst part of my life so far hahaha.


  1. Favourite color?

Purple, black and blue


  1. What’s your favourite type of food?

I like spicy food, but sushi would do too.

“Ayam Penyet all the way”


  1. Place you want to visit?

Japan *Forever in my bucket-list*


  1. Do you have a crush?

on anime characters? yes


  1. I wonder what your shoe size is.. what’s your shoe size?

The tinniest among my family, 35/36


  1. Do you have any pets? If so how many and what is the name(s)?

Yes! I have 7 fur balls! They’re lovely.

Firstly Ling, my mom named a fluffy grumpy gray cat.

Secondly Neko, male cat, he used to be so ugly (SORRY) but he’s majestic as fuck now.

Thirdly, Crunchy, a black 5kg fluffy silky kind of fur cat.

Fourthly, Maths, yes maths, she’s the only “normal” short hair cat in the house with two cute white socks, others are black except for her collar. She’s my favourite.

Fifth, the kittens: Long story short I have 6 kitten but I give 3 away. so, Alice the black long hair kitten, she likes to massage me (yes), Puga named after Marzia’s Pugs, she’s the only white-gray fur in the house, besides Ling (the mother) and she’s everyone’s favourite. Lastly Bell, she’s black as well, the difference is that her tail have this snake like pattern. The smallest.


  1. Do you speak any other language?


I’m pure Malay, tend to speak Brunei’s Language more often.

English as my second language.
and Japanese language, currently taking Japanese Language module at UBD.

  1. Can you cook?

As the eldest, and female, you are expected to. It’s a shame if you can’t cook.


  1. Favourite holiday?

So far, my family trip to Indonesia: Jakarta, Surabaya and I forgot another one. (I might post about my trips soon)


  1. Who do you like more? your mom or your dad?

What kind of question is this HAHAHA. ok I love both of my parents, but my mom understand me more than my dad, obviously. So in terms of feelings, education, friendship and all the random thing (shopping included), my mom would always be there. As for my dad, I like the way he thinks, which sometimes he challenge me in terms of education, business, thinking skill and such. Which is a good help, back then it was hell but still worth it. So both of my parents are important for me.


  1. What phone do you have?

iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Zoom, now don’t say I’m spoiled brat or some shit. I work for it.


  1. Who are your favourite youtubers?

Marzia  and PewDiePie 


  1. What is the last thing you bought?

Food, food, food and snacks


Thats all! hope you get to know me by these questions, I think. Thank you


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