Coffee House

Hi there! I’m back, its been almost a month. Yes busy with Coffee House, assignment, work work work.

So on the 28th March 2016 until 31st March 2016, Universiti Brunei Darussalam School of Business and Economics Student Council in short UBDSBE SC: Coffee House

Its our very first event for a new SBESC intake 2016. Alhamdullilah it went so well actually, although there are a few glitch with paperworks and such. Everything is worth it, I am glad to see happy faces coming in and out of Student Center from our Coffee House event.

The objectives of our event are:

  • To create relaxing atmosphere for the students, lectures, staff as well as public
  • To promote our local businesses, to state that most of our vendors are UBD Students! Check out their IGs!

I’m posting few images from our four days event.

Day one!

  • Main event was Cat Show, SBE SC collaboration with Shin Cat Lover.
  • Main Coffee Vendors: Full Haus 
  • Game centre
  • Board Game
  • Live Performances

It was packed, the smell of coffee surrounds Students Center.

Opening ceremony was at 1 PM, apparently I have to stand in front of the Guest Of Honour, yikes, I’m pretty bad at public speaking, in a way. I tried.

Cat show and competition! 

Would say the main activity for day one.

Day 2 

  • Full Haus
  • Performaning Art Club – Jumbuii
  • Game Center
  • Board Game
  • Live Performance
  • Meet Puga and Alice ( Mini Cat Show)

Shoutout to Performing Art Club!  

For performing? hahaha ok, you get the point, most of the videos are here

Day 3

  • Poetry Reading by Writer’s Movement UBD
  • Live Performance
  • Game Center
  • Board games
  • Meet Neko (Mini cat show)

So, I tried to sing-ish. Ok when was the last time I sing in front of hoomans. 7 years ago. It was a good experience, other than singing in the bathroom or karaoke session with my cousins.

Writers’s Movement UBD. Poem reading, I admire Hariz’s poems to be honest. My favourite is “The Beautiful Loser” (SORRY IF I GET IT WRONG). I heard it twice, I could relate to the meaningful wordings, except for the beautiful part, but the poem is the voice of all of those people who’s been through those phase, or still do.

Click here to check on Hariz’s Blog!

Day 4 

  • Meet Puga, Alice and Maths
  • Full Haus
  • Game Center
  • Board Games
  • Motivational Talk by UBD Toastmasters

Meet Puga, Alice and Maths is just a mini cat show.

The main activity: Motivational Talk by UBD Toastmaster.

I was late! But at least I get to be there 4th session, I think. Still worth it,they amazed me. The last time I attend Toastmasters was few weeks back, it was damn. I can’t explain you just have to go and see for yourself. Because me stating what happened doesn’t seem interesting unless you, yourself go and you will understand.

UBD Toastmaster: Every Monday 7:30PM – 9:30 PM Student Center.

Anyone could join!


Its been a crazy months, with them. There’s always be ups and downs. Stress and all, mix feelings, demotivated and such. BUT, yes its all worth it, what I learn from this event is that, you can create a stronger bonds between one another, get to know and understand one another, learn from the mistakes we made, improve ourselves, as well as the typical gain skills and experience but its true.

Lets make a long story short.

I join SBE Student Council just because I want to do what Student Council do. From my previous experience as PRR, I didn’t do much, due to limitation of time, disapproval of events, sad.

I wasn’t looking forward to make new friends to be honest, I just want to work, or learn something. But what SBE SC has change my perspective to open up a bit to them

From strangers to friends, from friends to family.

Thats what the Deputy Dean told me.

Although I just know their name and personalities, I may not get to know them well yet, I do trust them. For someone to ask hows your day, your assignment, your feelings, whats going on, and you name it. I would like to work more with SBE SC members, get to know if I could, and may we lead SBE, and Inspiring Greatness to the students.

Thankyou for making the event a success, Coffee House.

And guys, if you are reading this, Thank you so much for the time, efforts on making this happen as well as the experiences. 

Can’t wait for another one soon!

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