Theme: Songket

Haluu! (thats how I actually greet people in real life).

Question: Since where are you into photography?

Answer: Years ago, but I hardly believe that I could achieve to the “Pro Level” of photography. I do it just of fun, most of the time.

Theme: Songket

It’s an assignment, Aqilah’s assignment on Media.

I was excited to take picture, kind of my first time (deduct all the photos I took for my friends through phone) to take photos (a bit serious) professionally in a way with my camera.

I choose UBD, because I have always want to explore every inch of it. Sadly on that day, it was going to rain.

Took numbers of photos, but these are the “decent” ones. I am quite happy of the results, and I had fun as well.

Looking forward for more, after the end of second semester.

I tend to edit my photos, mostly on VSCO.

Photos after edit:

If you guys want to have a photo session, slots are available. For now I’m not going to charge anyone for it. I need to get myself involve more into photography before I actually move to Business field, in terms of photography. Okay thats repetitive.

Any request do email me:

Yumiejjolynn@gmail.com (remember double J and N)

or DM Here 

I will post something related to photography soon.

On how I start, my inspiration, and more.


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