Wish list 2016

Haluu and welcome to FallingForSnow.

I just made this last night, its okay I suppose?

As for today I’m going to share some of my current wish list within this year or half of the year at least.

Here goes!

Canon Powershot G7


As some of you know, I’m into photography (I’ll write a blog post about that soon, its still in a draft form) but mainly I prefer to use my phone (iPhone 6 Plus, which is too big for small hands of mine) or my Samsung NX1000, its really good!

Buuutss! You know how camera is a bit hard to take selfie with (not for my face but for the environment or place or situation with a bit of my face showing). Using my phone it tend to be a bit not so high quality as I want it to be. So Marzia, my favourite youtuber, use Canon Powershot G7x for her Vlogging. Through all of her vlogs, overall its quite nice and easy to use. Therefore, yes! My wish list and no, I am not the type to whine around like crazy to my parents ask for them to buy it for me. I tend to work for something that I want. (sort of) at least I tried.

so hopefully, and I will work hard enough to purchase my first camera, as in using my own money. Soon!

Steelseries Headphone 

look at this beauty. Its either pink or white. So back when I was 16 (was a hardcore gamer, I repeat was) I asked my dad to buy me one, as a birthday gift. We have this kind of family tradition you could ask anything with reasonable purpose or such for your birthday gift. But there goes a no, because I need to focus on my studies. Sad so my dad bought me Justin Bieber Beats instead close enough, its really good. I am thankful for that. Until someone fucking stole it. *cries in japanese*

Enough of that, I had (yes) the chance to buy it when my first allowance came out, and I spend most of it on food. Don’t judge me human “I don’t like food, I love it”. Again, I will work for it, either before or after I purchase Canon Powershot G7.

Dream House by Marzia


Novel! Its out but as you know, Brunei tend to have a bit lag of getting things in, worst of all it may not be available. I tried to order on Amazon, with other two novels, its hella expensive I rather wait (not) for it to be here selling, in Brunei. I hope.

wish list wish list!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D


okay, its in my wish list since last year, apparently I am forgetful. Just so you know I play or played, still playing (what) Zelda since GameBoy, yes thats right G A M E B O Y. I am obsess with Zelda, you don’t want to know how excited (or crazy) I could be when I see new or old Zelda related things. (I do have Link’s Figure)

But hey, I’ll be back with games, Online gaming as well as soon as I am done with second semester!

 PS Vita 2000 


it was one of my wish list before the first one came out, but my brother (Hazim)bought it first! It’s okay.  THEN Ps Vita 2000 came out and my brother (Hazimin) bought it first, again. Sobs.

I do have my Nintendo, but some of my favourite games or the games that I really want to play is base on Ps Vita 2000.

Quick question: why don’t you share with your brothers?

I don’t share, for a good reason, my brothers are quite messy, that includes when they borrowed my Nintendo its-just-that-messed-up-wtf-just-happened-to-the-love-of-my-life.

I may or may not purchase it. we’ll see.

Now I realised, most of it are gaming related.

That is all for my wish list in half of 2016 or for 2016. Wish me luck! lastly thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog posts!

What is your top wish list in 2016? Comment on the section below!

6 thoughts on “Wish list 2016

  1. Well I had a wish list start of the year and I bought myself most of if already haha one of the things is rapidbrow ( little expensive but meant to be amazing at making your eyebrows grow) don’t know how I feel about it, it’s OK I guess, not amazing


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