I don’t know how to put it into words.

When you feel safe, when you feel belong, I appreciate that. At least for now.

To tell me that I just need a little laugh, just need to put on a smile, just let go some things.

To make me realise a bit of what I am, or who I am as well as what I represent.

I am not a thing that people could just label.

If I act something out of the norm factor, they would say that I’m weird.

If I do what I do, just because its me or part of me, and again it’s not ‘Normal‘ as the society holds the beliefs that this kind of act should not be shown.

But, what am I then.

To be program in order to suit one’s desire, one’s goal, one’s expectation.

To be seen as what people expect me to be.

To talk about things that does not represent your thoughts.

To be someone, who is not me.

I have my own characteristic. Might be similar might not be too.

I have my own will, to have the chance in doing things that I admire.

Being judge is just normal, its not.

People adopt thing theory that it is okay to judge someone just because they are out of the normal context.

One need to learn, to know, to understand, to experience, not just by some kind of mind trapped.

At least take note that, it takes time to get to know yourself first, namely to find actual self.

At this stage of life. You need to find you.


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