Have you ever feel like hanging?

By hanging it is not a form of capital punishment, by hanging it is not a terms used related to our live.

Hanging as in you are there, looking through all of these sides, perspectives, views, actions made by people surrounds you, you are just there. Specifically, the feelings when you feel bad about something but you don’t, but you do.

The feel like its nothing, but here is something

the emotion of neutral, theres no happiness nor sadness

it doesn’t hurt you or anything, but the fact that I am kind of annoyed by it.

To think ..

of it, is what bothers me. Obviously someone would state that there is something in your mind, worst of all it relates to someone. But no, none of it at the moment.


You know how I just sit there on my bed, looking out side of the window wondering what I should do, not procrastinating nor being lazy. I do enjoy doing nothing sometimes but that is not it.

What should I do?

and thats it, I am empty.

Haluu! Thankyou for reading my post.

I know its a bit depressing but its not, although it is, kinda?

But no worries, the point is that when you have that kind of feelings

just wing it!

Although you have this kind of feelings today, or back then, or now even.

What I can suggest is that, try to talk to someone about it, express what is going in you head, even if your friend does not understand what the fuck you are trying to say, or appreciate that they actually understand you. (Your role as a friend, first listen)



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