What Matters

For a person, we set goals, we set our purpose, we set our mind-set to reach and to approach certain things in our daily life.

I’ll be writing what matters to me the most.


As a teenager

To find the right person who love me for me is what matters.

To find a group of individuals who stay in a friendship is what matters.

To present an excellent performance in education for my parents is what matters. That’s it.

Society labeled you, whatever you do is wrong, specifically tend to be wrong

a mess, helpless, clueless and careless.

As young adult today;

Love can be manipulated by the usage of medium namely through the context of texting rather than by the words made by our own mouth, purely from our heart

Confusion of mix signals or signs made up by thoughts

Friendship is just a game, to stay or to leave and let it be

Grades define you, and such

You are expected to be well behave, independent, future oriented,

with high expectation plant in you,

no emotion include or matters



Past is one of the lesson we learn from

History is one of it, our own is different

I would say that, I learn a lot from my past.

and yes everyone have their own past. ( But take note that, NEVER compare someone else’s past or pain with yours or others. ) 

Some may act as a motivation, another shuts down certain perspective in mind.


Years ago,

To focus so much on studies, books on the table,

Writing notes in class,

I care less the names of my classmate

I gave too much of my efforts to someone.


Too focus on studies, I have less interest in leisure

Too focus on love, you will lost yourself and those surrounds you

Too focus on friendship, you know what will happen in the end.


Again, I have been through family, friendship and relationship.

Too young to face those kind of things, but I learn from it,

it does not seem much to public, but it affect an individual

Therefore, if I say that I understand, I really do.

But sometimes to know that you understand creates an anger towards an individual,

because they, don’t want you know

because they, afraid to understand that you do

because they, don’t believe theres a way in every problems.

Too afraid to understand nor to open up.



A friend of mine once say that

” to be true to yourself, to be kind and is it necessary.”

That makes it clear for me.

And another friend of mine;

“Be a problem solver”


I’m not quite sure about it yet,

However, I do want to help in any way,

” Because to help someone is basically helping yourself as well”


But first,

I need set my goal, I need to change my mind set,

To be positive and open

To look both inside and outside of the box


Therefore, what matters to me;

To be able to understand in every aspect if possible

To focus on myself first and then others, although it may seem like selfish, does not mean it is bad

To be beneficial to my family and organisation that I’m currently in.

To be there for the person that means a lot to me.


My point is that

If you involve yourself in something, means that you get to learn more than the basics

If you feel like giving up, don’t because that’s the exact time something is going to happen, positive ones! But, sometimes you do have to give up, depends on the situation.

Yes, something happen for a reason, just keep your mind set in positive mode


Most importantly

believe in yourself

you can do more

you can do better

you are capable to do things

you can improve yourself into a better version.


That is what matters to start your day.

So what matters to me now? no, more importantly what matters to you?


The first thing thats in your head.


4 thoughts on “What Matters

  1. Hi Yumie your post was very inspiring. I really like the aesthetics of your blog, it’s very pretty. I’m going to think of this all day:
    “believe in yourself
    you can do more
    you can do better
    you are capable to do things
    you can improve yourself into a better version.”

    Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post hits close to home. When we grow older, our priorities change; good performances matter but they are not the most important anymore. We focus on faith, hope and choosing memories we want to keep. Don’t stop believing in yourself, Yumie!



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