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YouMA Workshop

Young Media Advocates

Never thought of it to be a workshop. At first, in mind it would be talks about how to use media for work or school related. For sure, I do not regret joining in and looking forward for next. I would like to thank my sweetheart for being there with me.

Its a four-day event, 8:00 AM – 5:00PM at ICTC gallery UBD.

From 23rd May to 26th May 2016

Day 1

23rd May 2016, Monday

Ice breaking session, as usual in any kind of events same goes to this workshop. As much as not-that-I-dislike, which goes

“damn it why” to “that was good”

I tried and at the end I enjoyed any ice breaking session, as long as it that does not involve any dare devil activities, or things that makes me insecure.

Get to know basic things like your name, age, where you’re from,  here is the video.

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Ice Breaking Session
  • Delwin Keasberry  as one of the speaker on the day. Never thought would actually met him in person. To get to know how he use social media was quite unexpected. Not sure how do I put this into words, but basically he was there.
  •  The Collectives Art In terms of how they focus on the field of creative industry. The interest, or passion strong enough to actually create art, the possibility, in what you love, in what you want to show people what art are capable of. To give chances to those who have the same aims and goals as they are.
  • Power of Media:  Heartwrite. The usage of media, social media to tell your story 

You know when you have things to say, a lot of it actually. But when they point at you on what do you think on this certain topic.

Yep I froze. For an quite long, awkward silence is there. Manage to say something, although its not the whole point that I want to delivered.

Oh! Almost forgot. They had this activity where you are given topics in groups and go to either Newspaper guy, Tv guy, radio, try to give point on the topic you choose, discussion, causes and more that are interesting enough to get the attention of the viewers or readers.

Our group was focusing too much on one topic instead of three, it was Rape Culture. Quite interesting to talk about it, with limited time given. This kind of topic rarely or hardly brought up to any form of media, but its out there.

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Day 2

24th May 2016, Tuesday


by Nurfina Muhammad

A lifestyle influencer as well as social media junkie.

To talk about how to influence through social media, to find your focus, which platform you are using to do so, and personal growth, which include character building.



by Shaun Hoon, Catalyst Ying chia, Heart Write


Facilitator: Shareen Han, Head of Home Desk, The Brunei Times

It wasn’t easy to be honest. It was hard to actually find the right topic to talk about, elaborate in the simplest form to be easily understand and meet the needs and wants from the public attention, within a day or less than 24 hours. Writing press release and letters to the editor is quite a different. However it was interesting to know, and learn how to do.

Given a task as usual, you are divided into groups. The group I’m in, the topic was about Cyber Bully. This topic is quite sensitive, but I am into it.

( I did wrote something related to cyber bully, if you’re interested you can check it here later)

Day 3

25th May 2016, Wednesday



Amali Roslin, Executive Producer of UBD TVTo question which one is more effective? Written or Visual. I would say both. I did mentioned both.

To state that written could tell everything in details, explain even further, express even more, touch your soul (that might be too much, but you get the point), but then some may hardly have the interest to read. Thus preferably to choose visual, as a short film that catches the attention of the viewers, yet through that hardly provide the actually message hidden within. Therefore, I would say both is important. Although people would say a picture worth a thousand words, but without the actual message, some may take it negatively, or not even understand what it is about.

Lokalfotografi– Just check them out, you will know what they do and such.


The task was to create a short video, base on how we promote Brunei Darussalam Culture.

The group was randomly selected, unexpectedly he’s in the group as well.

Long story short, it was fun to make a video within a limited time, I get to know the members a bit, we laugh a lot and ordered the same drinks which was Mango smoothie. Took place at Bandar Seri Begawan, specifically Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddin and Kampung Ayer. The challenge was to make a short video maximum a minute, within less than 5 hours or so. Of course it wasn’t easy to put up numbers of scenes and combine it all together to be in less than a minute.

You do know how hot Brunei can be when its 2 PM. Bonus point, I wore Baju Kurong, feel the pain? hahaha.

After everything is done, with taking videos, we have to rush our way back before the clock hits 5. Editing took us an hour, transferring the video was another thing.

Click here for the video

 Thank you for the members participating, helping as well as leading one another in order to make this thing work.

The video looks like we’re promoting Travel and Tourism, a bit. Does it promote our culture enough?

Day 4

26th May 2016, Thursday

Team 3

The last day…

I know this will be hard to say goodbye to them, but for sure we will see one another somewhere, if its not soon, might be in the future. For sure, I would say that 4 days wasn’t enough, but it was. For a short period of time with useful information, activities and to meet new faces, as mentioned get to know one another, just certain points.


Thank you YouMa for this amazing workshop, get to learn more about media and the usage, user too.

Thank you, my cat whisperer *insert heart emoji here* (HEHE) for being there with me, and everything really. It means a lot for you to come.

There was a lot of this happened during the four days event, but I can’t put everything in here, in details. But the point is that, workshop may seem to be as a workshop, to say whatever I’m stating here is not enough to convince people. You, yourself have to go there and experience, later then you will know, and understand.

Thank you


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