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BEST OF JUNE: Surprises, Photography and To do List

Hallu there! So Its July, and I am going to tell you about the Best of June 2016.

I may or may not going to do a monthly best month thingy, but I will do my best. The best month is basically regarding what I achieved, what did I do, what I want to do and let’s just say what I really like in that month.

Okay so lets start!


Start the day with some breakfast.

Day one of 30, for the month of June. Thank you to my sweetheart for taking me out to this wonderful restaurant. image-30-06-16-10-04

Overall the food is really good I like the peach tart. It’s his favorite. I ordered the breakfast set third picture (shown above) and his second picture. I know, good looking food over there.


Spicy noodle challenge.

It’s a trend going on at the moment. I was at The Mall when I saw this noodle, and hmm this might be fun.

So at night, we were on FaceTime, preparing the food first obviously. I have to make a huge bottle of Milo JUST IN CASE. In the count of three. . . It wasn’t spicy at all. I mean it was but I like it a lot. The fact that I am into spicy food. You could give me Ayam Penyet’s sambal.

Since it is a challenge so it was between my boyfriend and I. Who won? hmm, guess who hahaha.


Surprise advance monthsary.


On that day we decided to watch Me Before You.

I  d i d  n o t  c r y

But overall the movie was quite good actually. 8/10. What he did was unexpected, I was not expecting it at all, so advance. He told me that he was going to buy food and drinks. So stayed in the car trying to connect the Bluetooth of my phone to his car.

“what are you doing?” He texted.

I was listening to Obsession by G-D and TOP, while checking through my bag. All those ‘ I forgot where did I put my lipstick at’, was there.

Someone knocked the door and, it was him. That gave me a heart attack. Opened, gave me a boutique of  flower. “Happy Advance Monthsary”

hella speechless, why you do this *insert crying emoji* 

That was the second time I cried with the tears of joy, like literally tears of joy, i’m not kidding.

Achievement unlock : Received a boutique of flower from boyfriend

Never thought of that this would happen, he’s so sweet I could die. just kidding, but really :’)


Cakes! I am not into the cake for the past years. I really don’t. But he makes me do.


In search of Japanese strawberry shortcake, it’s been forever I wanted to try. Thanks to the unrealistic good looking food from anime. He brought me to a different bakery just so I could get that cake. (why you so nice 😭)

Dear Japanese Strawberry Shortcake,

I Yumie have tried to hard to find you, yet even if I do, its not you 

We went to different bakery just to kill this cravings of mine

specifically my curiosity of you, although it is so obvious you will taste like strawberry

come back to reality he bought me those instead. Seconds, to eat a fruity cake thingy (I totally forgot what its called) but yes definitely recommended. Hot milo was a good combination in the afternoon. I keep forgetting I live in Brunei. I wore a god damn black sweater, one of my favourite actually. An obvious one, cat sweater. Keep burning. and Thank you love


 Until dawn 

is one of the series that I really like to watch from Poods. 

As stated above,  I asked him if he wants to do a bucket-list which kind of more into to do list, one of it is to watch Until Dawn by PewDiePie, 10 episodes.

But its semester break, its hard to meet one another (heh not) and watch it.


 Sungkai outing

I would say today is the day that I finally, able to go out for sungkai with my boyfriend. (hey my life wasn’t suck at all, so shush) image-30-06-16-10-04-6

Where both of my parents actually said yes. Hell yes. It’s weird but I’m happy at the same time. #StrictParentsYo

Anyway, we explored Bandar Seri Begawan a bit to kill the time before it reaches Sungkai. Took a few photos using my polaroid. It was a great sungkai with him. May be the last one as well.



Soon enough..

Sungkai outing with my friends and watch Money Monster. It was a headache, the character keeps on screaming to one another, but it was quite interesting to know how to money flow, where did it actually go. I would rate it a solid 8 out of 10.


Movie night |

image-30-06-16-10-04-7as now you guys know now, I am not an out going kind of person. WHICH means I do not go out often with friends, because I was taught that way. This, again my first time watching a movie at night with him. War Craft. I used to play the game back when I was in secondary school. To watch the movie, first thought was it might be a demo or something. After watching it, another 8 out of 10. He said it was 9 out of 10.

I was surprised that I was allowed to. So my experience of going for a movie night was:

Damn hooman you no go home its late | why is there still a lot of people


 New Glasses

Yes, I do wear glasses, and yes I wear contact lens more for the past years.

image-30-06-16-10-04-8Went for a check-up, checked by a doctor (back then I just go to this shop)  Damn i’m blind. Well not really but my degree is so damn high. The nurse asked me to not wear contact lens until semester break ends. *crei an ocean* I do not like to wearing glasses at all. Just because it makes me feel dizzy sometimes if I wear it for too long, it keeps falling off, and the frame is too small. (referring to my old glasses)

So there it is, new glasses. For 4 years or more of wearing contact lenses, now I am finally, yep glasses. I like it a lot, he choose it for me, and encourage me to wear it more often. And its blue!  The frame fits me so well. I really like it. Like I said a lot. I just want to look all nerd to be honest.

“You look like a nerd”  Why thank you


His Birthday!

*Drum roll please* 

Took me weeks to think on how will I surprise him. Well technically how will I get the permission to go out. #AgainStrictParentsYo


Two days before the actual day. I finally got the permission. And I took most of my time thinking on the permission instead of the plan. Yumie you are so dead. (not)

So I need to do something, special and meaningful. To appreciate him for what he did and still do.

DIY (Do It Yourself) should be a good idea. I decided to do an explode box. Never done that before. So I tried my best within two days to actually make it. I do not have the materials, isn’t that nice. hahaha. I shall crei an ocean. Nope not going to give up on it. I have to make it as fast as I could and careful as well. All those measurements that I have to follow and adjust, color matches and print photos as well as the design. Its done, 9 am in the morning on that day itself.

Wait just a box? nope, I order Oreo Cheesecake from Bake Culture last week! okay thats two. Third was two boxes, full of snacks. Gotta make your man happy, food it is right?

Lastly, I wrote a letter for him. Just because we joke around about how lagg wifi could be that we can’t FaceTime or even text (due to the rainy season, sometimes), so a letter should be better.

ITS THE DAY: We watched Independence day in the afternoon and Finding Dory at night. Independence day was 8/10 and Dory is a solid 9 for me, because I almost cried, almost.

I could write more about it, but that should be enough for now. The surprises went well! I am so happy that he’s happy on his special day and yes. I am greatful to be with him, and looking forward for more soon.



I am into photography, I took pictures mostly from my phone than my camera, only to the extend just a really basic kind of taking photo. Until he taught me a lot of thing regarding the usage of camera. You could see my level of bangangness is there.

SOAS Mosque

Achievement unlock: I finally go there, like damn its really huge

So he taught me how to use Manual. I am amazed on whatever he does. Photography is one of it. Again, if you follow me on Instagram, I took random photos of him, like a lot lately.


 Photography and Videography 

As the next day we went to another place. My camera died in the middle of photo and video taking. So some of the videos I took from my phone. I tried to edit the video at night. Do watch it and tell me what do you think about it. (again I focus too much on him, hahaha can’t help it ❤️)



Finished Until Dawn!

That took us a month. He wasn’t satisfied with the ending, because poods totally screw like four times. But hey it was great, although I have watched it before. The jump-scare still get me.


Thats it so far for June. Most of the highlights goes to and with him, because I spend my time with him more. And I do learn, experience new things a lot, Thank you for opening my eyes to all of the opportunity and inspire me more to do things that I love.


Thats all for today, thank you for reading

Yumie J Jolynn


9 thoughts on “BEST OF JUNE: Surprises, Photography and To do List

  1. love the photos you put in this post!! like I really love it. And you’re so cute and funny too! hahaha it’s bouquet of flowers anyway! HAHA don’t feel embarassed because it’s cute! I had fun reading your post. Anyhow, selamat hari raya! 🙂 xx


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