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Back To School

image-22-08-16-02-15-2Seems like a good weather to start a new semester! Second year, first semester.

Yikes.  Lets just hope it will go well. #PrayForYumie

So back to school. I have to give it 4 weeks at least to settle down with everything. new schedule, new environment (not), people who I will work with for the whole semester and such.

GO BROKE AND BUY NEW STUFF, probably notebooks that you are for sure not going to use it until the end of semester. Pencil case? would be nice as well, although you will just going to bring your pen or laptop. hahaha just kidding let’s go to the fun part!

Outfit of the dayimage-22-08-16-02-15-4

Casual shirt, cosplay skirt and an old friend of mine red sneaker which I bought, a matchy sneaker actually with my best friend.  hers is blue and mine is there obviously red. It is just a thing for us, as in a new step from Form six or high school to University life. Although we have to take different path with a quite similar career. She’s currently studying at the Universiti Teknologi Brunei and I’m here, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Business.

Outfit Of The Day:

Shirt : Mock Two Piece Check Blouse. As for the shirt I bought it from my own e-shop. Farid pick it up for me, HEHE.

Skirt: From one of my cosplay set. Amu-chan’s

Pants: Black leggings

Shoes : Plaid Sneakers

Most of my cloths bought from my own e-shop tho. If you’re interested you can check here 

Pencil Case 

I bought that (above) pencil case from Yuna_2riffic (Most of my books, including my favourite headphone are from her) I don’t even know why the hell did I bought it when I will be having 3 months of holiday. 😂

so whats inside? (Second pic) 

Pen – my favourite would be the one above next to the bear. It could only be found somewhere in Miri. Been using it since lower six (high school) and now I am out of stock. Therefore I have to find something quite similar, in away. Went to Hua Ho, bought the pens (seen second pic, bottom). I like it a lot. But I’m left with two from seven, big thanks to my cats. #Livingwith8Cats

and yes Pokemon, but i don’t play Pokemon Go.



Faux leather backpack. Again I purchased it at my own eshop. Its too big for me yet I can put in everything from my laptop, A4 notebooks and cats. yes cat, even my cats like to sleep on and in it.

And Tokyo Ghoul. Thank you to my cousin!



I am more into small notes kind, for this semester I’m trying to use an A4 Notebooks.

Most importantly the “Are you progresif ” book. Where I write down any event, meet ups, assignments, and AOB. #VeryImportant



image-22-08-16-02-15LOOK AT PUGA CHAN!

One of my cats, heres Puga-chan. Look at that fluffiness and that face. currently I have 8 satan.

Through University life, you need satan by your side. By satan, cats, obviously cats.

Hows school or University so far?

Let me know on the comment section below!

Hope you’re having a good time at least, see ya!


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