Days In My Life


So heres the best moments of July 2016! Its a bit (more like two months) late. I know but better than nothing. I shall state the things I have achieved or done so far in the month of July.

First Raya with him ❤️

Selamat Hari Raya! It is my first to celebrate Raya by visiting someone’s house other than relatives actually. I hardly go to my friend’s house for Raya (For real). I was really excited to I could go to Farid’s for Raya. Warning, I’m a potatocat pretty much just sit on a chair looking and waiting for him, I am quite bad in making an effort to make a conversation with unknown hooman. Hey Hello Panda was there! 

On the same day it was his father’s birthday as well.

100% sure I played with his cats more than talking. Afterwards we went somewhere to..


Second Raya with him as we planned to visit our friends. Visited his at first and lastly I went to Dina’s house. Carbonara was so good but I can’t eat a lot.

Thank you for the experience, to be able to know how it feels. Why do I make it sound so sad 😂 So yes, it is my first raya with him, first raya to go and visit our friends with him as well.


Selamat Hari Raya

Another year to be able to meet my relatives, on my mother’s side. Here come the crazy cat lady mode. Its been almost two years that I have cats after A level. I hardly met them actually, of course one of the things I am looking forward to. My cousins are mostly female by my mom’s side as I said before, and hey they are crazy about cats. Currently I have 12 cats in total.


Sushi Date 

Kappa Maki, Salmon Mayo and another salmon thingy, the usual. My limit is 3 set. With his Terayaki Don and mushroom soup. The location is quite near from our University (Yesu, but nay obviously its pricey). we tried Macha Ice-cream with red beans.




Encouragement from my boyfriend, and I finally got it! It was in my 2015 wish list. Took me less than a month or so, with my boyfriend’s support (HEHE TENGS)

I was planning to buy the black edition, however it doesn’t show the design as much. Pink it is then (again) oh well.


To be honest its really hard to use, with all of those different instructions, exposure, I don’t even know much but yes. Again with three different lenses, worth it.

Will write a review on it, probably.


Might be the best green tea. Been wanting to try out this Diva’s infamous green tea. My mom has been talking about it after the fries trend. Which I have to wait after Ramadhan, and finally! Hello Green to the tea! Its so good! BND $3 each, would say that it is worth it. image-09-09-16-03-13-3

It opens at 4:30 PM, have to wait for that. sobs


Home made Spaghetti by someone. Hi boyfriend! so he made a spaghetti for me. I was so good, for real I do not want to finish it. Another point, I eat so damn slow. Thats a first for someone to cook for me. *insert emotions* 


Sakura Ice Cream

After class on a I do not remember what day, BUT!

image-09-09-16-03-13-5I met my mom at Giant, at the same time I was with my boyfriend. Been wanting to try out this Sakura Ice cream from Excapade stall right outside the entrance. It is good for a BND $1.50, bought two another one is for him.


Anime Marathon!

One of my wish list to watch anime marathon with someone. And yes someone special is better! Tokyo Ghoul is the first anime we watch together, virtually. By virtually simply put as FaceTime while watching anime. Why do I make it sound so sad 😂. Overall it is fun to watch something you like with someone you love.

So yes thats the highlights for the month of July!

Thank you for your time reading,

see you when I post something next time!


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