Days In My Life

And I am back

How has it been since I left my blog hanging, full with dust and sweet bitter sour chocolate chips and salmon mayo memories written in the platform on the internet called wordpress. Well it been like titanic, a cat version with 9 lives.

Anyhow, Hallu! welcome to FallingForSnow, it been 3 months or so. and I am back, thank you for tuning, staying, keep in tract, for those who knows this blog about a year ago or along the way, and hallu to those who are new to this blog. Welcome! My name is Yumie, a blogger obviously, that focus on number of things such as my online diary, monthly updates, stuff and stuff. But really I am not sure to stick with one genre in my blog.

Announcement to be made, drum roll please. Its semester break! woot woot! and I am done with second year, first semester.

Please do list down your goals, your to do list as what people may say, you aims for your holiday, you main objective, your mission with kim possible, not other kim please and wishlist. Do a thousand words on it, do (not) waste your time dying on bed dreaming about your prince charming/princess who or alice in the wonderland. Go outside of your room, go outside of your house, if it’s too bright due to the sun, suck all of the oxygen in and run for your life back to your room because the heat is killing you.

Just kidding!

So I will continue with my monthly update, as the previous ones.

“To the reason why I had a break, to stop myself from being creative, to insert any wording that can or cannot be related to hooman being, to consume my life time and quota, long story short from blogging, is that I have to fight this so-called beast, made from a drop of due dates, killing trees, suck all of your life energy and sleeping pattern. Yes, assignment and group work. As well as examination”

– Yumie, 2016

I know, lame. My boyfriend says so too, he loves me anyway. HEH.

So, although I’m only going to have a month break from University, I will do my best to write more. To do so I have to be more productive, other than watching anime, play with my twelve furball of satans, eating snack, craving for salmon mayo and cucumber salmon roll or salmon cucumber roll, okay now I’m hungry be right back.

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