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Hallu there! Another post from FallingForSnow.

So the question for today is that, when, who, where, why, what, how do I start blogging. Let begin!


  1. When do you start blogging? 

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When I was thirteen I had my first blog. HEH. Well not an official blog, it is basically a page where that ‘cool kids trends’ to have a blog. In which you post daily updates, even conversations with your friends from Messenger, complaints, school life and such, and now I shall kill myself. #Ided #why #god #JustTeenThingsDoingYourThang #FML It was so embarrassing to recall.

yeah, and so for this blog, FallingForSnow, made or create or publish or announced on the 29th of September 2015. Yay my blog turns one year old, but I did not have the time to celebrate because, sobs, I don’t have friends to celebrate with . JK, I was too busy with assignments and Uni life. #ItsOkay #Life

2. Who inspire you to blog? Who motivates you as well? 

I would say that my senior Fifi inspire me or makes me want to return into blogging, check her blog out!  At first I did not know much on what should I write. At that period of time, I was lost where I tend to write things depending on my surroundings, current event, related to my feelings. thus the ‘Emotions‘ category in my Blog. Throughout the months I started to write regarding what I have been doing, my experience on things ever since I met a guy which currently my boyfriend (hehehe). That then leads me to make  ‘The Best of month’ as well as ‘Stories’, appreciating every little things we do, and more.

3. Where do you start blogging?


To be specific, it was late at night during my first semester in University wondering what should I do when I have more free time compare to high school. In my room, sitting on my bed.  I was going to make one on Blogger but then, I tried to find something else as usual ask google which blog sites is preferable. here I am Getting to know how to use WordPress is quite tough, confuse with editing, selecting themes and most importantly the name of my blog. Through clicking and everything I bought my own Domain few weeks after.

4. Why did you blog? 


To state that, out of wanting to write. I’m that kind of person who writes diaries. but writing on a diary is kind of hard because of the changing of handwriting, no daily updates, I can’t add images unless I print it out. Throughout the years I hardly finishs my diary books and I have plenty of it. Ended up throwing away those cute books. *sigh*

Online diary sounds fun. I could add images, youtube, links and such. In addition, people could get to read my post. I know diary should be private to one, but sharing my thoughts, my daily life and experience would be fun as well.

5. What kind of blog? 

What kind of blog am I running? An online diary. I did divided into categories as you can see on the home page.


Listed as:

Online Diary is it a genre for blog? if it is I like it a lot!

6. How to you manage your blog?

I’m not sure how to answer this one, but I hardly maintain my weekly update at least, due to my current Uni life, and how slow my WiFi is. Not to mention the Quota. Crei in Japanese.

FallingForSnow; Restart.

In which I’m trying to most more regularly, once or twice a week. I do have lots of ideas, to support I need good pictures as well. And to be provide good content for the readers. Your views, comments and well as likes does help me and motivate me, includes improve the content of my post.


Let me know if you have any question regarding my blog, any suggestions or your thoughts of my posts so far, it really helps! Drop it on the comment section below and we’ll see next time – next post.

Thank you have a good day!



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