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Ah anime/ アニメ, コニチワ!

  1. a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.
    1980s: Japanese, shortened from animēshon

So this cartoon, well-known around the globe, if you know nothing about it, at least you’ve watch Doraemon, or Digimon, Pokemon is everywhere come on.


well technically it is, but some may get offended when one stated it is a cartoon, and one may argue as it is a holy god damn art from Japan, an animation created to soothe your soul turning you into anime geeks, or not. But hey, here I am. I have been into anime since, not sure since when. I don’t even remember what was my first anime, do you?

I am obsessed (I think) with anime or animuuu! its seasonal. For instance, that Tokyo Ghoul  era, it took me months to get over it. Where I wanted to buy the mask, the contact lens which I am not sure if it’s even possible to get it on to your eyeballs, it’s a huge/crazy lens. and not to mention really, really expensive, around BND$100 per pair.

“Bruh you can buy 100 nasi katok with that”

“no bruh more like, sushi, books, snacks and everything nice”


Also, I ordered a customized phone case, a Kaneki customized phone case, Ghoul version. From Hs_colormadess you guys should check him out as well. recently I got a pin of Kaneki from my cousin. Oh! and ordered Tokyo Ghoul Nintendo 3DSXL sticker too.

Anime is love, anime is life


First of all my anime collection as in the anime series. I mean the video? Heres some of my animu series from mid year to December, watched most of it with my boyfriend.


(yes hooman, I have a boyfriend to watch animu with, my life is complete!) its fun to watch something you love or like with someone you love, chiaaa okay enuf. But seriously, I am happy to watch anime with him, where we share the stressful plot twist, where I crei like crazy, emotional, its amazing. Our first anime we watched together was Maid sama. Tokyo ghoul, via FaceTime.




My CDs collections, I used to go to Miri (Malaysia) for a family trip, more like shopping. CDs, manga, novels and my friends used to request for.. yes that goddamn cookies. I am a Naruto fan, so that explains a bit, that I have vol 1 to hundreds, plus the movies! including the latest Boruto. Are you Naruto fans as well? That will be cool. I do have more CDs, Another is one of my favourite horror anime, you should watch Corpse Party: Tortured Soul, my top 5 in the list!




My first manga was Tokyo Mew mew, bought it way back during secondary school at Giant Rimba, when Giant had Best Eastern, used to. Used to. To the reason why I bought it was because she has cat ears, Ichigo the main character has cat ears, I need that. I carried it everywhere, even to school and reread it, I know I’m that weird kid, leave me alone hooman. sobs. And another manga is this one. Just so you know, I was 14 I had my first BL manga. back then I know nothing, not hell of a thing about BL. A friend of mine gave it to me, bought it somewhere at UK. Re-reading it now got me..

“Dear 14-year-old self, I apologize to have you to touch this ***** piece of papers or book that contains 18+ images in which it includes a boy with cat ears being harassed by a guy with glasses. the good thing is, nothing more or near to sexual content since its vol 1 or else you will kill each and every cell in your brain. leaving you dead and reborn as a zombie with cat ears”

I mean really nothing close to +18 content, it’s just a sudden hug and exchange cringe-y emails and yeah.

OH! and one of my favorite Vampire anime related is Vampire Knight. The manga is not complete, I only have vol 1 to 13, planning to watch the anime soon.



Yesu, I have Nintendo 3DS XL as you can see at the image above, my dad bought it, as an advanced gift for my 18th birthday I think. My first game was, Naruto. hahaha.I used to play numbers of Naruto related games on Playstation 2, as well as Xbox.

Genre of Anime

What kind of or genre of anime do I prefer to watch? I am more into Horror and Gore kind of anime, quite dark I know. Other than that romcom (romantic comedy), anything funny with a bit of romance. My favourite would be となりの怪物くん Hepburn: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, somehow it motivates me to study.


So are you into anime as well? drop 5 top anime in the comment section below. Or any suggestion of anime to watch. Thank you!



17 thoughts on “Anime

  1. Your Instagram feed’s pretty cool! I’m an Anime fan too!! Seriously though, how do you take such Tumblr-ish pics? Like omg how?? Keep it up!! ♥


  2. I suggest Your Lie in April, Orange, Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa), Charlotte and Noragami. Those are just some of my favourites. I do love anime as well! ❤️


  3. I haven’t watched as much anime as you, but I have a friend who curates it for me, so everything I’ve seen has been pretty good! I love Miyazaki’s films, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, My Bride is a Mermaid, and The Devil Is a Part-Timer.

    I recently interviewed a comic artist who talked a little about the difference between American comics and comics from other places in the world. Here, comics and cartoons are for children. The mainstream ones are mostly about superheroes. Other cultures make animation for adults and on a much wider range of topics with way more diverse characters. I think that’s the reason people (myself included) get offended when anime/manga gets grouped with comics/cartoons – it makes it seem less sophisticated! (Granted, if you show me an anime with a ton of up-skirts and massive boobs, I wouldn’t argue it’s sophisticated…)


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