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Best of December 16

Semester break!

Anime, eat, sleep and repeat. nothing more than that, since it’s December alright. But I get to do what I like with someone I love. The question is, what or how do I spend my precious semester break? or holiday? Lets see.. or read.. get it?


1st Dec,

Expectation: holiday

Reality: I have Tourism Examination at 9 in the morning.

I woke up so early, Farid made a breakfast for me. (ISNT HE THE SWEETEST KAWAIIEST BOYFRIEND EVER!!) Enjoyed the breakfast while revising for our last paper. Just want to get over it. and SEMESTER BREAK HERE WE COME!

 5th Dec,

Photoshoot session with my boyfriend. I am telling you he’s really really good at it. Selfie for myself its fine, but people taking photos of me, IM OUT. However ever since i’m with him, I kind of get used to it, a bit.

8th Dec,

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetMark another month of the adventure with my boyfriend! As for today we went to this korean restaurant, which it was really good. Not so much for the price section, but still it’s good. Do you like korean food?

15th Dec,

I googled, yes I did. Searched for what to do during holiday, literally. Do something productive, well trying to thats why I google. So the list was:

  1. Play around with new technology. The suggestion was Snapchat. 100% sure I am going to take a video of my cats or food. Which I did, and stopped because hello Instagram Story with no filter.
  2.  Make a planner or organize for new year. I do want to do DIY stuff for my planner but my bank account said no no.
  3. Call your long distance friends. But I don’t have any.
  4. Start building a habit. That 21 or 30 days challenge. nope not now.
  5. Learn a new skill. So I pick to Doodle. Earlier today, I bought the pens for doodle, firstly I doodle things for my boyfriend. Inspiration was from Pic Candle. and here’s the result!
  6. Catch up on reading. The Chronicles of Nick series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, is currently my favourite. I’ve read vol 1 until 4.
  7. Organize your inbox. My mail is so messed up full with updates of sales, of course. Again Mr.Bank said no no
  8. Get exercise. #Laugh
  9. Set goals for next year, probably do that probably.

19th Dec,

As for today it’s Family outing with my boyfriend day! well isn’t that exciting! no, really I’m excited af. Counting the numbers of  years I have been driving, my mother trusted my boyfriend to drive her car. What did I do wrong Where my mom asked Farid to drive her car. She hardly trust me to drive her car #crei but I was so happy for it. Went to Singapore Chicken Rice, watched Moana. Lots of singing, was expecting more but its fine.

22nd Dec,

fullsizerenderAssassin’s Creed movie came out today! I have been waiting so long! all of those posters since form six life, LIES. and it was good. Did you watch it? if so, rate 0-10.


He asked me to get ready, and both of us weren’t sure where to go actually. Wearing my new Jumpsuit, just because he convince me to wear it today, or else when. I’m not confident enough to wear it really, but lets just walk with it. We went to Tasek Lama, it’s been a while, after that drive around Bandar and lastly to the museum. damn feels, I was the one who’s overly excited. unfortunately the main building closed down, they said its been four year. WUT. BUT NO WHY BRUH. Museum technology it is then, well technically nothing related so much with technology. More like the history of your old housing, the tools we used for farming, fishing and more.

25th Dec,

fullsizerender_5Bandar ku Ceria, is one of the activity held at Bandar for every Sunday. I have always wanted to go there, but my siblings are not that adventurous type. but my mom is! Should’ve gone there last week, unfortunately I was sick. Not sick sick, not sure why but I can’t move my hands on day one, day two my legs hurt, and it lasts for a week. A week of not doing much at home. I can’t even hold a pen. Fast forward, back to today, we were suppose to get ready by 7, but yes they woke up a bit late and it’s fine. I thought it would end at 8 or so, (did not do my research).

There’s a lot of hooman, food and bikes. Also, bouncer, I want the balloons!! The weather was a bit gloomy. My mom, boyfriend and I went to Tamu Kianggeh/ Kianggeh Market  I do prefer the old ones, rather than like now. The feels man.

and also! Today is my bestfriend’s birthday! Happy Birthday chippy! I didn’t get to come or go to surprise her this year, I feel so bad but I did sent her a long text. still sad tho.

28th Dec,

I promised to my brother that I am going to treat them, into watching Assassin’s Creed, today is the day! Woke up so early because, bonus.



It is the time of the month where the number of hooman increases throughout the country, sort of. Because more money goes shopping, buys lots of stuff, too many cars, no parking, no nothing. FULLY BOOKED PLACES IDEK HOOMAN STAP.

Basically, go to the destination in my case Time Square as early as possible, for parking, bought the tickets early as well just in case they’re sold out. Bought the tickets for my brothers and my boyfriend bought the ticket for both of us to First Born. I hate horror movie. I’m sure 70-90% of the time I would most likely close my eyes or eye. Overall it was okay, scary but okay, the monster or ghost reminds me of Poods. By poods, Pewdiepie, one of those games he played. The movie is not even complete, I’m curious about the family background instead.img_7419

After the movie, bought my all time favourite food Chicken rice from Dean Ria and went back home, where my boyfriend decided to watch another horror movie. I suggested Long weekend, my first thai horror movie, part of the ending was funny. and lastly we watched Silent Hill, take not it was my first time watching. (take note again I do not watch horror movie #crei) Had a hard time going to sleep after that.

31st Dec

BBQ! of course! Happy new year! I eat a lot, like a lot and slow af. My family, my boyfriend and I watched movies while BBQ, yes. Watched Meet The Robinsons. Man I miss playng that complicated game on Playstation 2.

So how did you celebrate your new year? Food food and food? Happy New Year!


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  1. I love your photography! Especially the way you edit your photos, it gives a really nice effects. This is a great read x


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