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Hello 2017

How do you start your new year? Some may take it as a new chapter, a new life I would say, also a change to be better person for yourself or for others. Some, meh basically it’s just a new number added on a calendar. But hey! I am trying to set goals, or resolution or aims for this year, because why not? It’s my first and hopefully it will go well as planned, or better!


/ɡəʊl/ :the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
/rɛzəˈluːʃ(ə)n/ :
1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
2. the quality of being determined or resolute.

❀ 2017, resolution ❀

  1. Healthy Lifestyle, by means that to drink more water.fullsizerender-16-01-17-10-53-1 I do not drink carbonated drinks for years now, but also I hardly drink water. Which is bad, as my boyfriend encourage me to drink more water for my own health. Therefore, drinking more water it is!
  2. Money Management, I really need to save up money for fullsizerender-16-01-17-10-53-3future needs. More like to any emergency cases. To not spend my money for things that I want. Only for something that I really, really, really need. (The picture on the left is my money management book thing)
  3. Use Planner often. I need write everything down. I have this planner my best friend gave it to me as a gift last year. Why not use it now? By writing everythingfullsizerender-16-01-17-10-53-4 down like how much I spend on that day, do I have an appointment or meet ups, to do list, what class do I have and more! Another reason is that to keep in track what I have been doing every day, weeks, months. It’s good to remember things that 100% sure I tend to forgot.
  4. Stay motivated to study! I need to ace every semester (because I fucked up two semesters already, not cool) ever since semester 3, where I am improving, thanks to my boyfriend that motivates me into studying especially Japanese Language. Four years in University and now I’m in my 4th semester, time flies yknow. I need to do my best for two more years.
  5. More into blogging. I gain more followers lately, that’s really good and thank you so much! it motivated me to blog more. I have all of these ideas but I need to support it with good pictures as well. Hence, I need new camera, not that I want it, I do need it. You get me?

❀ 2017, wishlist ❀

  1. Canon G7X. I have been wanting this camera since last year! Good review yes, kind of for vlogging but I am more into blogging purpose, also for Instagram. Is it a silly reason to get a new camera?
  2. Instax Mini 8 either black or white. Apparently I hardly understand how to use Lomo’Instant, which newly bought it about last year. I have to ask my boyfriend to take a picture with it, because I do not know how to use it. Instax Mini is much more easier, and I wasted a lot of films using Lomo’instant. Of course I do feel disappointed, because I was so excited to take more picture with it, but bummer.

Probably that’s it, I do not want to list a lot. hardly achieve last year’s wishlist. hahaha, crei.

❀ Hoping for this year ❀

  1. Academic: that I could survive 4th semester. Stay motivated, be positive, and I can do this! Also Discovery year is coming soon, next semester. Wish me luck hooman!
  2. Amazing adventure with my boyfriend, to spend more time together, explore places and watch more anime! Oh! or play some games.
  3. Social Life, to not be socially awkward, still hard for me to start a conversation with female. That includes whenever someone (mostly female) comments on my photo on Instagram or on my blog post, I would get overly excited like “omg someone notice me” to “wtf should I say back, is this normal, omg help me” I really need to overcome that.
  4. Blogging, increase number of followers and reader, to be exact is to expand my blog.
  5. Instagram, maintain my theme. Stay blue-ish, STAY! Check my instagram Here as well!
  6. Health. Sleeping pattern, drink more water and food, yes food.
  7. Friendship. Third Wheeling level 21. Please leave me alone hahaha. No really. And I do need to spend time with my best friend and closest friends. I have been shutting myself lately. sobs.


” Be positive, Stay positive, Think positive,  Believe in yourself, Be happy BUT not too happy, get it? Do love yourself more, Protect yourself, Stay strong “


Here’s a picture of my cat. So is it a must to have new year resolution or goals? Probably, because it’s a good start. To motivate the first month of 2017. Better than nothing right? Do you think to start a new year with new resolutions (or continues with last year’s resolutions HEHE) is a good step?


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11 thoughts on “Hello 2017

  1. Your cat is adorable!

    Okay, coming from someone who STRUGGLED through uni – you can do this. YOU CAN DO IT. I took Japanese Language for a year and it was so damn hard, so my sympathies there, but I believe you can crush it this year. What else are you studying or is it pure Japanese?

    I’m also trying to drink more water. It’s not going great. Actually I just reached for my water bottle guiltily while reading your post because you reminded me I should be hydrating. Oops.

    I’ve followed you on instagram! I love your aesthetic! I’m all over the place with my instagram there’s no rhyme or reason, sometimes I neglect it for weeks and then spam it like crazy (usually on my travels). Also your cats are filling a fuzzy hole in my life right now, they are so adorable!

    …As for money management, look into YNAB – they give you the program for free if you’re a student and it actually helps a huge amount. It was part of my resolutions last year and I’m still using it!


    1. Thank you! You’re taking Japanese language too? awesome! For this semester I’m taking all business related modules sobs. Yes, Hiragana and Katakana was okay, not sure if I am up to for Kanji. Naw thats good to know, keep drinking water at least in a day hahaha. Really? thank you! wondering what’s your instagram? would like to follow back or did I followed you back? I have too many cats, probably more soon. Their fluffiness is everything!

      Will look them up soon enough, thank you so much for the suggestion! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I took it for a year – I was okay with the hiragana and katakana but as soon as I moved into the kanji I was lost! My instagram is @moodysimon … and you can NEVER have too many cats!


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