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Japanese Language

Hallu there! Talking about Japanese Language. As you all know, or just knew that I’m into anime or anything related to Japan. I really really want to go there, since forever!


So, during my first semester, I wasn’t able to take Japanese Language Level one, due to huge number of demand and only a little number that are accepted. Bummer I didn’t get it. Second semester, first priority, BOOM! Finally. I was so happy and so damn ready to learn Japanese Language, just because I want to watch anime without subtitle, also probably go to Japan for my Discovery Year. Although I feel like ninety percent a no no. Don’t give up! The class was fun, have the nicest sensei ever! As she pays attention to each one of her students, makes class more interesting with her activities.  At this point I’m able to introduce myself in Japanese language.


Well kind of. To be honest I wasn’t doing well in level one, despite it’s level one. I had a hard time reading, slow af. Also writing, where I tend to forget です (desu) at the end of every sentence. From my previous post here, I focus too much on managing event and did not score for my test pretty much flip the table, from 100 to 0 real quick. Took Japanese language with my closest friend, got to say she’s really good and fast learner. But hey, got the support from her. Our joke are mostly ..

Sensei: Okay class practice with your friends or partner img_7484-05-01-17-09-41

Me: Demo, watashi don’t have tomodachi desu 

and she’ll laugh afterwards, probably more joke I don’t remember. Also we joined Japanese Club where we made onigiri. Apparently, until Oral. Totally fucked that up. By fucked up, like really really fucked up, just me. After oral, I got so stressed, I feel like boooooom my dreams into img_7482-05-01-17-09-41pieces. No hopes for DY nor going to Japan, or move to level 2. At that time, I was sitting on the floor with my friend, spoke fluent classic malay or kedayan. Laugh our ass off because well yknow.

So bad, so sick, so down, damn it hits me so hard. No motivation, all bad vibes, sad vibes, nightmare, so sad. Even at T-3 days before examination I can’t focus.

The result was, crei.

Second year and first semester, took level 2 for Japanese Language. My boyfriend encouraged and motivates me to take another shot, he believed I could. So I did. Although I still have nightmares from my previous class. Still suck, still stuck. HEY! I had so much fun in class. With the same sensei. LUCKY! To learn Katakana, yikes so much similarities. By similarities how do you write and memorize クケシツソノンメスツフ。シツ is not a smiley face, nope nope!  However compared to last semester, this one is better. By better I mean, being the target in class was hahaha, I don’t know. Everytime sensei asked in Japanese language or asked students to talk in Japanese, I am ninety percent, most of the time got selected. #crei #why I don’t know why bruh, what did I do. Probably because my name is Yumie, easiest to remember? probably not. This semester we learned the word ユメ (Yume) close to my name ゆみ (Yumi – without e, or it will sound so weird like Yu-Mi-E) which, my classmate tend to miscalled my name, instead of Yumie, they called me Yume. IT DOES NOT SOUND THE SAME AT ALL. Do google that if you want to know the defination.

Unforgettable moment, one of our project was to to create our own script – acting – speak in Japanese language, without looking at the script. Act in front of the class, with japanese student.  boy you don’t want to know what did I do. It was so embarrassing yet, I do have fun with my group, good thing my classmates laughed. Heres a clue, I have to dance to Pen Pineapple, Apple pen. It was fun, yet embarrassing, fun YET embarrassing. Also we celebrate teacher’s day, late teacher’s day. Last battle was the examination, in which it was okay, I get to understand and read hiragana and katakana faster compared to last semester, however, I did not get to finished it on time. sigh. I tried my best. I know I do, and thank you to my boyfriend and my closest friend that support me. Also my mother who pretty much trying to speak in Japanese whenever she sees me. Ah, not to forget, still suck at Oral test, but other test was fine. The result? Satisfied!!

This is my note book, you know that typical anime character read a small book around, or before examination. It’s helpful, with the “feel” of anime character. Overall it was a fun experience, ups and downs.

Did you guys learn any other languages other than your native tongue language? I’m Bruneian, my language is Malay, and second language is English, third? Japanese! Well kind of. I want to learn Kedayan as well.

Do you guys have any other language you want to be fluent at?

Mine? yo Japanese straight!


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14 thoughts on “Japanese Language

  1. My native language is English and I have been studying Spanish since high school. I am currently in Spanish 302 having a minor in Spanish


  2. So. You know how I said I did a year of Japanese? I also did three years of German and am fluent in Spanish (definitely not fluent in German though), and I just want to let you know something. Ready? Here goes:

    You absolutely don’t need to learn Japanese to go to Japan. A couple of years after I ditched Japanese because kanji would have drained the life out of me, I went to Japan and traveled around the place for a couple of weeks. It was amazing. Japan is amazing. The people are lovely, everything is different and interesting and exciting. Definitely go. You don’t have to wait! Of course if you want to learn Japanese, just take your time, go at your own speed and you’ll get there. For me I felt that the writing was just so difficult compared to the speaking, but if I hadn’t been trying to move along at the speed of light I probably would have stuck with it. So that’s my advice; find a speed that you’re comfortable with and just truck along. Keep the enjoyment. If you feel under too much pressure you’ll stop loving the language, so just hold on to your excitement if you can!

    And go to Japan. It’s great, really. You’ll LOVE it!


    1. To learn Japanese, German and also Spanish? Damn you go girl! I know! Kanji is so hard to learn (and write). Thats so cool that you get to go there. Thank you so much for sharing also the advise to just go and keep the enjoyment. I feel so relief in a way that it possible to go there, soon! No pressure really (except for the Oral and Exam), I do enjoy Japanese language while watching anime. And will do! Thank you so much! ❤️

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  3. こんにちは!このポストは面白いですね^^

    Hello! Interesting post^^
    Yeah, kanji is pretty difficult but please don’t give up! ^^
    Do your best with your Japanese language studies!!
    You will be able to use Japanese fluently some day~

    🤓🌸 -Mars


  4. It’s so cool that you learn japanese! I really want to go there once! at the moment I’m learning a bit of spanish, learning new languages is always a challenge, but a cool one!
    love, elena


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