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4th Semester lets go!

How do I start this…




Before the semester start, of course you have to register for the modules you are going to take. Wow, so much options, I mean really. Too many clashes with classes also examinations. I wanted to take Law related which is level 4000, since I really really like my previous Business Law class. But none of the four law related modules are available this semester. Cries in Law Language!!


The must to take module in my University’s list, Islamic is the last one that I have to take for this semester. Thats one, so four more to go! Introduction to Accounting, Chemistry Daily Life, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Brand Management and other science modules. Then the result of the registration came out, I got 4 out of 6. I need 5, at least any Science subject! (why do I have to take science again?) Nope not this semester. Then let’s get down to business

Week 1,

Monday, 9th January. Accounting class started at 11:30 AM and Entrepreneurship at 4:30 PM.

As I woke up early around 7 AM, just to get ready. Not all hyper about new semester, more like nervous. Received a text from one of the group chat in Whatsapp, stated that Entrepreneurial class started at 7:30 AM, where by only 8/200 students came. Looking at my phone it’s 8 AM. I am so dead. But thank god they move the class to the afternoon session. Ah man. First class, Accounting. I do not recognize anyone. It’s fine, just like your first semester, you can do this. My boyfriend is with me, so I feel safe. #Help Our lecturer was surprisingly funny, and I like it! Until she mentioned that you need to make friends since it’s University! nope, not going to, I had more than enough. Just because I am tired with group work, that doesn’t work. Get it? HAHA. pls tell me I’m funny. Anyway,  a good start on Monday, but then again another announcement, the this class will be move to 7:30 AM instead of 11:30. #Help2.0

Second class was supposed to be Brand Management, but I got rejected. Bummer. Lastly, Entrepreneurship. I would say I do like this class a lot. All of those challenges! Minus the group work I am not looking forward to. The question given was after this module, would you like to continue to be an entrepreneur? Of course! make it bigger and better and yes expand the business, that motivates me.
Not the group work part. ugh why. Our lecturer is straight up sarcastic OP level. ay 200+ points for this class. Looking forward to it. Oh, forgot to mentioned that they moved the class to 7:30 AM, which clashes with my Accounting class. RIP Yumie.

Tuesday, 10th January. Marketing Management, 7:30 AM. Islamic 2:00PM. Damn that gap. 

Lecture theater, early in the morning. -200 HP I am freezing!! The class was okay, first it’s a 7:30 class sleepy, tiring, lots of people coming in class late in which that annoys the lecturer. Second freezing! I did mentioned this at the first place, I was wearing a sweater, good thing! Still freezing. Marketing management, assignment (sort of) already been given. Wait what. yes. I know right it’s only the first week. Lastly Islamic, two hours lecture on 18 messages. SEE I do remember a bit. I was with my friends, also made a new friend. Well kind of.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Accounting Class will stay at 7:30 AM, while Entrepreneurship at 4:30 PM. I am so glad that I do not have to search for another module, because I do not have any option. Took more than enough of Level 1000, finished with level 2000 and moving on to Level 4000. So on a Monday I have 7:30 class and 4:30 class, that gap.

Wednesday, 11th January. E.Business 7:30

Another 7:30 class. Is it good? or bad. My lecturer understands that we just woke up and your brain is still loading. Another fun lecturer which means, FUN CLASS. and guess what? No group work, at all. WOOOOT!! Also I made a new friend. I was actually lost, and I saw her, exchange smile. That then HEY she’s my classmate. Sit next to her as she invited me. She’s an exchange student from Indonesia. I do recognize a few in this class. And I told my boyfriend I made new friends!

+Achievement Unlock: Yumie finally made a new friend.

Thursday, 12th January. Islamic Tutorial 2:00PM.

It was a long two hours for tutorial. I do know some faces, which mostly are from School of Business and Economic students. That includes my previous Economic Group Mates, also from SBESC. Good to know that I have some of my friends here, again why does it sound so sad.

Week 2,

Monday, 16th January.

7:30 AM, lecture hall is cold af. I was prepared for the first lecture (just because I have been avoiding Accounting Class for three semester now). I did my reading and early notes taking, and Hey! my lecturer used my notes as an example for different design in terms of Information system. Looked impressed. Glad that I write my notes earlier before class. I need to purchase the textbook, because first I do not have friends (haha, sad) I mean I do but they gave away their textbook to someone else, second it’s a must to have the textbook. It’s fine since the government provided allowance for textbooks. woot wooot!

Entrepreneurship class at 4:30 PM. The definition of entrepreneurship, the characteristics, the example of successful entrepreneurs and such. Had a debate with my friend regarding the characteristic and difference of entrepreneurs and small business. I am a bit stubborn with what I know, in the end my answers were right. “I told you so“. And I ended up being moody af the whole day, until my boyfriend put a smile on my face asked me to forget about it.

Tuesday, 17th January

Another 7:30 am class, ah right Marketing management. Taking notes from the slide, apparently she just uploaded the file on Canvas right at 7:42 am, downloaded! Informed that this class need to have a group work. Aiyaya, how like this. Overall the class is pretty good. 12:00 pm, textbook purchase session, I met one of my friends, talked a bit. So I bought the books, headed to The Core bought some lunch and I have another class 2 PM Islamic lecture. Nothing much.

Wednesday, 18th January

Thank god my class start at 8. It was okay, laughed a lot, one of my classmate fall asleep. like literally in front of the lecturer. Also I received a notification “Blogger Recognition Award” what wait what!

Revision: E-Business for two hours.

Thursday, 19th January

Afternoon class. Islamic tutorial. Here comes my lecturer.. One minutes she’s like damn strict, another she looks friendly, and why are you playing with my feelings!! Overall, my lecturer seems cool, and I do enjoy my classmates’ presentations.

Went back home and study study study!

oh, hey did you notice something? Yes I don’t have class on Saturday, WOOOOOOOOOOOOT

I haven’t mentioned, or so I did at my About section.

I’m an undergraduate student from University of Brunei Darussalam, Majoring Business Administration, wanting to be more into Law section, I hope. Now I am in my second year second semester.

So are you majoring something else? or quite same as mine? If you do, drop a comment on the section below and how was it so far?

Let’s just hope I will survive this semester..

ALSO! I added up this thing below, ITS SO KYOT hahaha okay.


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13 thoughts on “4th Semester lets go!

  1. hi. i am from your e business class .. nice presentation on wordpress! you were not nervous at all. well done! blog about your school more cos i love reading it!!! I dont have class on sat too. wooots. high five..


    1. Hello there! Thank you so much for checking out for my blog!🙀 Kind of nervous because yknow our test then presentation then quiz too much in one day but its okay glad I get your attention. Woot! high-five!!


  2. My husband’s nephew married a young lady named Yumi. She is a whiz at math. I am pleased to see how you spell your name and wonder which is more often used in your country.

    Fourth semester is fantastic accomplishment.


  3. Just keep this in mind no matter what you do. HARD WORK PAYS OFF! HARD WORK PAYS OFF! Keep pushing and you will reach you goals and be successful.


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