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Best of January

First month of 2017, J-A-N-U-A-R-Y Helloooooo sunshine! New year, new start for the first month of 2017. I just state that.


IMG_7406New year celebration! A good start to spend the last few hours of 2016 with my family and my boyfriend. Good food, good movies. Click Here  for more!

Starting off my 2nd January, where I received a notification from WordPress App “Congratulations on getting 200 Total Likes on Falling For Snow.” Thank you so much you guys! I appreciate it.

So I made I don’t know what macaroni this is. One night I was so hungry, that I mixed macaroni with tomato sauce, bell peppers also sausages. and of course cheese. Surprisingly it’s so good! So here I am again, cook another one with my boyfriend. While watching Mulan.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetJanuary 6th in the afternoon. I would not say it’s a family outing like the previous ones, because my brother decided not to come along. That boi. so we went out with my boyfriend. #Yomyfamactuallyokayofmyrelationship101 #bonuspoint Takoyaki is the best from Japan Boat Takoyaki! although I don’t eat much. Also we tried the latest Jollibee’s Wafer Mallows Sundae. Ah my life with food lately.

We didn’t do much, my siblings played games at UNI, while my mom, my boyfriend and I were waiting for our food. Yes food again. I could make my own channel of whatever I eat for the past months with my boyfriend. But! First, I am shy as a duck I mean af. Second, I do need that app for editing videos but YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, I’m broke but that kind of broke where I prefer to invest my money on food. Third, I am afraid to be judged by others. sobs sobs.

Result came out, Alhamdulillah I have finally improve my grades! I can’t thank my boyfriend for supporting me and believe in me, of course my parents as well! And I am so proud of him!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAnd so another month with him, of course Korean food, ordered the usual. After that we watched a movie, The Great Wall! I thought it would be like a war hooman vs hooman, but NO! its hooman vs non-hooman. It. Was. Guh-rateh! 9/10 do check it out!  Then we decided to check  out for games, there’s a lot of games that I want to play but IFullSizeRender_1 don’t have PS3 or PS4. #NintenodLife #Ps2whereyouat. I used to play Odin Sphere back in middle school. I NEED IT. Okies, lastly a short trip  to Bandar Seri Begawan, there was a race and lots of hooman. I don’t like lots of hooman.

You know when you scroll through your instagram, all of those wow picture of planners and such? Yep that motivates me to print stickers, buys washi tape for my planner. Overall, looking good! I like it, get to be organized (a bit) and such!

9th of January Thank god I do not have class! but my boyfriend does HEHE. “Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on Falling For Snow” DAMN GUYS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wa so excited about it and showed it off to my boyfriend!

11th January, FullSizeRender_2had a quick lunch. By quick. I mean. Real quick. For your information, I eat slow, so slow it took me almost one whole episode of anime to actually finish my food. 20-30 minutes. I know. But this time, took me 10 minutes, because we have 5 more minutes before the movie start. Rip tummy. The Arrival, was…

Another afternoon spending my day watching anime with my boyfriend. where my mom decided to cook Japanese curry something. It was sooooo good! I think now I know which product Escapade used. HE HE HE.

You see, my boyfriend current favourite is Korean food . . .  yes another korean food for dinner. Oh! and before that, we finally get to try this Yugo thing. Basically a cafe? but for ice cream? get it? Ordered Mango ice flake. I need to eat more here.

One of the best thing happened this month is that I received numbers of Blog Awards! EXCITED HAPPY OMG what. I will post about it soon, got caught up with assignments already. #SighUniLife Thank you so much for nominating me! The last Friday of this month, where I spend my time with my mom. Mother-daughter bonding time. Sort of. We had breakfast and talk, and talk, and walk around.

I made a mini surprise for him, glad that he like. HEHE. and on the 31st of January, we had another Korean food for lunch and went to Yugo for Strawberry Ice flakes. Of course anime!Processed with VSCO with nc preset

January has been a good start for me, really. Writing it down reminds me all of the good things. I do remember some downside but meh, ain’t got time for that.


How was your January? Hope that you had an amazing start of 2017!

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