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Best of February

Is it rainy season? I think so, its been raining for days here (no the whole month hooman). Just so you know Brunei Darussalam is really hot, so hot I crei. Coming the rainy season, damn hooman I am freezing. Feel like I’m somewhere else! Wearing both sweater and jacket is not enough!

I would say it is not a good start of the month. The fact that one, Rest In Peace to my phone screen for the second time, two I am still afraid of Accounting class in which I am not sure how to do my homework, and third – there is no third so moving on.


Feb 3

FullSizeRender-02-06-17-05-49-6I decided to buy a drinking fountain for my kids, as my boyfriend suggested that it is good for the cats. And so I did, green is not my colour but I don’t have any other choice. Box! of cFullSizeRender-02-06-17-05-49-7ourse, can you blame this cutie? Also today I received a package from Yuna, one of my favourite Online Shop where I bought most of my books, headphones and as for what I ordered, BOTTLES! Yo, I need the motivation to drink more water, THUS, new bottle it is. I showed Yuna’s Instagram to my mother, as you can see here. She bought two bottles as well.

Feb 4

Discovery Year Talk in the afternoon. Yikes, in which I am so not ready for this. Not for the fact that my CGPA makes me crei, but also you need the money to survive outside man. I ain’t got no money for that, I mean you have to buy food, pay your rent, how about transportation! BUT I really really want to go to Japan. It’s been years I have been wanting to go there. Not a chance. I would most likely to “GO LOCAL”, should be fine.

To the month where I need to find groups for two modules, actually, I need 3 groups by the end of this week. Randomly enter this group for Entrepreneurship, seems okay.

Feb 8

E.Business class early in the morning, straight up 3 hours combination of lecture and tutorial, with the war between blizzard and hooman, which shall survive?! Obviously, hooman but the class is freezing me to death. I am still alive, you get the point, it’s really cold.

Sweater + Jacket + Bonus Boyfriend’s jacket = still not enough

Had meeting around 11 with Marketing Management Group until noon. Went to meet my boyfriend and then BAM. わたしの こころ! (my heart!) sweet as ever, if he’s a cat I would 100% squish him too fluffy I’m gonna die mode! He bought me a flower! #PrayForYumie’sHeart and so we went to his favourite Korean restaurant and my current favourite Yugo!

Feb 11

I don’t have class on Saturday, only if I have meetings or something. As for today, Entrepreneurship meeting. I have to say, I really do like this group. Don’t want to jinx it

IMG_8327-02-06-17-05-49but at the end of the meeting, we had a feedback session. pretty good and that’s a first. Afterwards had lunch with my boyfriend. I have never been here before but the food is so good! By good, I mean really good. The right sauce with that amount of cheese, a bit of pepper and ooooh damn salmon! I would rate the food as 9/10, really like the atmosphere as well. At night, I asked my mom if I could go to BPMFass’s event called Lights out. and here we are! we didn’t stay that long, people were singing, taking videos and pictures. Also, I get to meet my friend from my secondary school!

Feb 13

As I mentioned before, I had Entrepreneurship meeting with my group, I was in charge of making a website for our group project. Of course, I really do like to edit things, I mean I am into blog anything related COME HERE! Got feedback from my groupmate, that they really like it!

Feb 15

Going to! So as always,’s tutorial we will be having 4 presenters regarding any topic related to the module. As for today, one of my classmate presented regarding Instagram, to the point she told us that she does have an online shop as well, one of the services are Instax film print. boi you don’t know how fast I typed in her Instagram username and click that follow button! I texted her right in the afternoon and asked her about the film.

Dear god, I finally found my Instax film supplies, bless her.

Feb 16

Islamic presentation, Thank god that my group mate is mainly the ones I know from my previous group as well. That was a year ago. Skip that part for a while. I had Accounting tutorial which I do not know that we have homework, but the good thing is, our lecturer did not ask us one by one for the answer, the bad thing is, I feel really bad for not doing my homework.  After class, I went to CLT to meet my boyfriend. I was supposed to be a surprise that I’m wearing Baju Kurong today. I mean it’s been awhile he hasn’t seen me in this. We went for a lunch out before my Islamic tutorial.

To summarise, the presentation went well, we were able to answer most of the questions, get to present in less than 15 minutes, (my part was so damn long, good to know it’s understandable-ish) that’s good but we have to stand in front of the class for almost an hour or so.

Feb 19

FullSizeRender-02-06-17-05-49-10It’s Sunday! the day where most people would still in bed until the afternoon, or not. In my case, I have to get ready before 9:30 am. An early breakfast with my mom, not that far away, Giant Rimba. Bought waffles which are my boyfriend’s favourite, lekor and naan. Also hot milk tea! We went to my aunty’s IMG_8253-02-06-17-05-49place just to readjust my Tudong. I bought it, but I did not know that it would turn out so big.

The quality and price are really good. totally would buy more in the future. Also I do my planner for the week! where next week’s theme would be pink.

Feb 20

It’s been awhile, The Library. Wifi isn’t working. Preparing for my upcoming presentation about WordPress! But I need the wifi.

Feb 21

To the library again, because my boyfriend needs to do some researFullSizeRender-02-06-17-05-49-11ch for his work. I found Laws Of Brunei Darussalam! I did mention in my previous post that I really like Business Law module, which I want to take more but none available for this semester. So I get all excited reading some of the laws. (and found something funny as FullSizeRender-02-06-17-05-49-12well) Lastly, we went to Yugo! SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! Can’t thank my boyfriend enough to successfully achieve the level of my I don’t even know cravings.

Feb 22

I shall -1500 HP today. The day when I have two test IMG_8464-02-06-17-05-49and presentation in one go. well not really. I had a test as early as 8 AM, an essay for at least 2 to 3 pages in an hour. bonus point the projector does not work. But I think I did my best for the test. I think, and I FullSizeRender-02-06-17-05-49-13have 10 mins preparation for presentation, I know “YO GOTTA BE KIDDING MEOW” but yeah. The first presenter to present about WordPress. Yes! I did get a good feedback regarding my presentation, also a good question and answer session. One of my classmate took a picture of me presenting, hahaha thank you! and also received notification from my classmate on my blog regarding my presentation as well. so far so good. except for the part I have to study for hours to prepare for 7 PM quiz. And it was not good

Feb 23

It is the national day for Brunei Darussalam, 33th! I am really proud of my home. As well as our Sultan that cares so much about his people. One sad fact about me, I have never join the performance or anything related to that. I crei, but it’s okay.

Feb 24

Studying from am to pm,  well damn I need a break, so I went out for a bit with my boyfriend, bought burgers (too hungry to take a picture) and snacks! Studying for Marketing Management test, in which it was okay, I know I did my best BUT time limit of 15 minutes for 20 questions? I is ded.

Feb 25

IMG_8538-02-06-17-05-49Downloaded this game, which I would write a review on it soon. Fire Emblem Heroes. I would say I’m not into playing games on phone, (except for pood’s) as for this one, I am addicted.


So how was your February? hope it was cool (cold get it? because I said its rainy season- stuff- okay) Mine was -test – presentation – test – and food.

Also to inform you that I am going to do “Notes of The Month” a bit similar to “Best of Month” BUTTT for this one.. be continue

(does it sound dramatic enough? hahaha)


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