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Being A Cat Lady

Semester break is over! and Hello Monday! here are pictures of my cat Medium! Looking good right.


Most people would assume that “Being a cat lady” is basically a lonely women hooman with tons of cats companions. Some may state that it leads to crazy cat lady syndrome.

I am taking this from wikipedia (wow very academic), just let it slide! Stated that A cat lady keeps large numbers of cats without having the ability to properly house or care for them. ( I crei at this part) They may be ignorant about their situation, or generally unaware of their situation. People who are aware of it are not normally considered cat ladies. (What does that even mean, am I not a cat lady? what why!)

Urban Dictionary:

“An old woman who usually lives secluded from society with her hundreds of cats. Because she is forced to use all of the social security money of her cats, she eats only cat food and drinks only milk. She usually feels the need to name every single one of her cats with funny names and possesses the uncanny ability to recognize which cat is which no matter how similar they may look to one another.”


According to BuzzFeed:

  1. Already have a deep conversation with your cat
    • Hmm, kind of but I like to ask about how my cat’s day, have then eaten or play or been sleeping all day long.
  2. Use cat emoji
    • Well, I do use cat stickers more than emoji
  3. Believe TV shows would be better-starred cats
    • Kind of
  4. Protect yourself with self-defence cat keychain
    • I need this!
  5. Follow non-human more on Instagram – a majority of cat images
    • I do follow lots of cat Instagram
  6. Spend hours curled up thinking about life
    • More like thinking how to survive university, I need to play games, watch anime!
  7. A believer in cat lifestyle
    • Cat Nap part? yes yes
  8. Your kitchen has a general cat theme
    • nope
  9. Cat mugs
    • I need cat mugs, I don’t have any at the moment!
  10. All cat everything
    • I do have, cat bag, cat make-up theme, cat shirt, cat onesie, you know where this goes.
  11. Cat Nail art
    • It’s hard! I wish

Well I took only 11 statement from the website, others are mostly repetitive.

So, I’m curious! Lets do tests, am I a cat lady? or am I not?

28 Signs That You Are a Crazy Cat Lady – TEST 

I scored 8–14, in which it stated that:

Family and friends have stopped visiting, and co-workers pretend to be on the phone when you walk by.

Ah, I am not so sure about this. Still living with my family with 11 cats. I hardly invited friends to come home, or for them to visit – oh wait, I don’t have friends. . . just kidding I don’t socialize much. Pretending to walk by, I’m a person show stays at home, watch anime and eats food.

What’s your Cat Lady Score – BuzzFeed

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 6.15.04 PM

hey! thats not bad right? 91 % cat lady. I mean BuzzFeed said so.


Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 6.18.43 PM


OKay, THat wAs AlOt to Take In.

First of all, I did not know its sounds so mean or what. I am completely confused. In my own definition is basically

  1. I have lots of kids
  2. too obsess with their paws
  3. I literally shout MEOW whenever I see cats at wherever!
  4. I do an own couple of cat themes items not to the extreme part
  5. 100% I love my cats

I am not lonely, I think. I own 11 cats, more soon. 23 if you would add my boyfriend’s cat. Talking about responsibility.. hahaha, okay I have to admit, I do ask help from my brother to take care of the poo poo section because, ay I’m currently studying still, my schedule is so messed up and he’s in a holiday mode. I can’t go to cat store or I’ll end up buying lots of snacks for my kids. Can’t buy them toys, because it won’t last in 24 hours. RIP toys.

Being unaware of the situation – for those who are aware of their situation does not consider as a cat lady. but but but but BUTTTT. damn it.

I don’t have hundreds of cat, nor eating cat food or drinking milk ONLY. Who created such categories that I can never be a cat lady! *CRIES IN CAT LANGUAGE* I am laughing also crying reading numbers of articles here, also the definitions. One Fact, I don’t like milk. To have cats with funny names?

  1. Ling
  2. Neko
  3. Puga chan
  4. N. Junior
  5. Medium
  6. Honey Star
  7. Coco Crunch
  8. Snowy
  9. Mia
  10. Edgar
  11. Aden
  12. Garfield (coming soon)


Does it seem funny? except for Honey Star and Coco..

Possesses the uncanny ability to recognize which cat is which no matter how similar they may look to one another, I think that’s very typical of cat owners to know their cats very well. I mean, I used to have 6 black cats, it’s easy to recognize them.


This is new, I know. I was bored searching about “Cat Lady” ended up talking or writing about it. It’s interesting and – omg my head- kind of topic. Overall it’s fun to do so. Anyway, what do you think? does the title “Cat Lady” really need to follow the criteria of what has been stated on the internet, or simply meh. I KNOW IF I AM A CAT LADY OR NAY.


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15 thoughts on “Being A Cat Lady

  1. Spiritually, I believe we are all on a journey to enlightenment. Each life time of living well elevates the soul to the next level. What’s the end-goal? Being reincarnated as a cat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! I really enjoyed this post of yours because I have a pet kitty as well! New follower to your blog and would love if you could check out my blog as well 🙂


  3. I think I have the potential to be a cat lady but I am severely allergic to cats (which is a shame because I love cats) and my father is also allergic. But you have some very interesting thoughts on the matter here!


  4. I don’t know why the term cat lady is supposedly bad. I think a lot of people are proudly proclaiming their cat love online these days. I’m a cat AND a dog lady. I have two of each and would have a lot more if I could. Be a proud cat lady. We need to diminish the stigma that’s out there! Love your posts, by the way. Can’t wait to see more! Meowwwww 😉


    1. I know right! I was so surprise reading articles and definition of Cat Lady. I’ll check on dog lady as well. Yes we do! Cat Lady simply loving and taking care of cat or cats. Thank you for reading! 🐱


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