Review: The Face Shop – Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil

IMG_9239Ay, this is my first review on beauty product! well, sort of. I am kind of excited to share my journey with this kawaii product, which I have been using for a month now. Take note that one, this is not a sponsored, second I bought it just because it’s cute, third I need to clean my face.

One of the things my mom taught me is that I need to stop wearing any face-product-thing for one or two weeks before moving on into a new product. Lucky, I haven’t use any product for almost two months. (I know, you have to clean your face, but my skin is really really sensitive, it will either itch, get redness and even sort of peeling-what-my skin) In short, I can’t use just any foundation, makeup related product also skin care. AND THEN! Rice water!


The Packaging:

Pink is a yes! I really love the packaging, it’s so simple yet appealing.


The application:

❀ I tend to wash my face first with a warm water. Pat (pat? is it pat?) your face with a clean towel, make sure both your face and hands are dry.

❀Squirt 1 to 3 pumps on your dry hand, slap it to your face! Just kidding! simply apply the product on your face gently, with a circular motion.

❀ Give it a minute or so. afterwards, you wash your face again with warm water.

Jeng Jeng! all smooth and nice!

The Price and Availability:

I ordered it from The Face Shop, around SG $ 17 pretty good for this product.

The scent:

Lovely scents! Makes me all happy. You know that kind of product that smells like a mixture of baby powder or something? yep, I like that.


The instruction is in both Korean and English, that’s a plus.

I think that:

It is really good for my skin, I have to admit. Although my first impression was ” WHY IS IT SO LIQUID ISH” before reading how to use. totally recommend this product!

Overall, I would rate it as 8/10!

Have you been using the same product? or nay. What is your favourite cleansing product? Well as you can see, mine is from The Face Shop. Pretty good for my first try.


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2 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop – Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil

  1. What are the ingredients though? I used to use some face wash that was sooooo good but as soon as I stopped using it I’d get pimples and it was because of the chemicals in it. Gotta be careful with what we use on our skin – mine is sensitive too, so I can understand your struggle. Check out rose water – it’s super refreshing and the only ingredients are, well, roses and water. If your skin is clear you won’t need much more than that as a cleanser.


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