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So Stress!

FullSizeRender_1Let’s talk about stress. As an undergraduate student, of course, I am stress with assignments, presentations, tests and group work, add with upcoming examination within a month. Not to forget my personal things happening. I have more than one role as most of you does, as a mother to my cats, best friend to my mom, sister to my siblings, of course, girlfriend to my guy. Which, to balance everything. I don’t have friends so I’M FREE!! just kidding, less thing to think about.

At some point, I want to give up. Like just to let go all of those responsibilities, breakdowns and headaches. Only God knows. Trying so hard to distract myself from stress yet coming back to my laptop checking all of the assignment, survey and you know how group work works, right? #CriesARiverFullSizeRender_3

As a human being, (for today I am human, other day let me be a potato cat) fragile with feelings, adding up a female, let the stereotype in “too emotional”. How do you deal with this? Being an adult sucks I would say. Hahaha, but my teen years was worse. Not going back to that.


“Think positive”

“Be positive” 

“Don’t worry be Happy”


How do I deal with my stress?



❀ I tried to play with my Nintendo, currently playing Rune Factory 4

❀ Cleaning my room

❀ Watch WaysToStudy On Youtube – FAV!

❀ Checking my emails

okay at this point it does not seem to be like steps to get rid of stress, but those are the thing I do whenever I stress or overwhelmed with my own emotions (besides crying over it, that’s normal hahaha). That then I decided to make myself busy not thinking about the stress.

I forgot which video on YouTube that I watched, stated that “stress is like when you are holding a bottle of water for minutes, hours, and longer. Your hand will feel heavy and sore the longer you are holding the bottle. That also applies to on how long you are holding on to your stress. So just let it go”

It’s so true isn’t it?

❀ Eat a lot, I ate noodles, like a lot

❀ Eat snacks

❀ Play with my cats

❀ Take a nap

❀ Listening to any song, my favourite for this month is Ballin’ by Bibi Bourelly

❀ Blogging of course! which I am doing right now

❀ Sing out loud. Not a good singer, but singing along while listening to your favourite songs is fun.

❀ Texting with my boyfriend as always

I know I have so much more than this, but this is what I did on 24th March 2017, on how do I deal with my stress. Mood swings, plus assignments. you get me? hahaha one of those days. one – OF – those – DAYS.

FullSizeRenderSo how do you deal with your stress? do you scream or eat ice cream? Do you just take a nap? do comment on the section below, let me know how to deal with stress because I would love to try. no, for real, list it down. I need it. hahaha 🤣


Also, I received few emails as I stated above, to review an App and website or blog? SOON! so excited! Thank you so much for reaching me out!

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