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First Anniversary!


I know it a very late post, our anniversary was a month ago.

This is a very special post for my boyfriend, of course, Farid my Mr. Cat Whisperer! So it has been a wonderful 12 months together with him, and yes through ups and downs, he will always be there for me, always always always do! Its been one year guys! An amazing one freaking year! Okay, time flies way too fast but I enjoy every moment of it with him, and I tried to take tons of pictures with him. BUT things happened like I accidentally slide my phone outside my pocket instead of inside and that thing that floooooop and I did hear a crack and vuualah rip to my iPhone screen that simply kills the front camera. ever since I hardly take any selfies with him. #SadStory


April 8, is our first anniversary. Back again, two days ago, we were watching anime and also play games on our PsVita. Eating my “Milo Nuggets” he asked me to pass his backpack to him. Taking out something from his backpack, and it was a box. I wasn’t looking and he opened up a maroon colored jewelry box, and there it is a necklace. I-was-so-speechless (mind you still eating milo nuggets) and I CRIED HOOMAN! Like the hell what is he doing, I mean what else do I have to do, (again) I still have my Milo Nugget in my mouth, holding on dear self not to cry because that was so unexpected. It’s really sweet of him, and it’s my first necklace. Never thought of it, never even expecting anything, but god damn this guy melts my heart. MY KOKORO! As he tried to put the necklace on my neck, all those memories of him being a cat – NO I mean being such gentleman. As cliche as it is, JUST READ. The moment when he asked about things like have I eaten anything today, am I at home already after school, to drive safe and random texts. To inform you this is before we date, and I tend to “hardly” reply his text. To the days when we started to watch sunsets together (also my first time to watch a sunset at the beach), to sort of introducing my boyfriend to my parents and to my kids, my kids I mean cats, also my siblings. They get along pretty good actually and I am impressed.

I can write everything here but let’s just focus on a special day!

To wear a white dress (Don’t go so far yet) with a grey cardigan and black leggings, almost the same thing that I wore a year ago. To see a gentleman with a lilac coloured long-sleeved shirt, that smart-good look while holding a bouquet of flowers. I am not into flowers back then, I do now and it is my favourite, ever since I received it from him. My first boutique of flowers. I can’t stop myself from smiling, looking at this guy and saying things in my head like “I am with him, he is my boyfriend, my god he’s my boyfriend”. Sometimes I just stop and look at him, those words repeating itself with the emotions of I am beyond happy and grateful to be with him. And sometimes I’m that weird girlfriend that stares at her boyfriend way too long.

On that day, we ate at a Korean restaurant and had dinner at one of our favourite Italian Cuisine restaurant thing. I gave him a book, a DIY book with lots of polaroid-film-pictures I don’t know what you called it, basically lots of pictures of us. From our first pictures together to the latest. Those pictures that mean a lot to me, those moments that I want us to keep and remember, those things that cannot be replaced and everything that’s has been wonderful.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I am grateful to be with such loving, caring, wonderful, amazing, awesome, cool, SAY IT ALL! – person ever! To my boyfriend, Farid you are everything 🌸 More adventure! food! and lots and lots of fun stuff!



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