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May favorites

Hallu there! I know it’s been awhile – April and May were a get ready for exam month, Semester break wasn’t that great at the first week because I was feeling down and all BUT as for today I wanted to add up a new category on my blog, which is Monthly Favorites! A bit different from Best of Months, as its focuses on things that I like on that month. You know that typical monthly favorites by youtubers. Yeah just like that! Let get on to it!


I got this camera 5 years ago and I didn’t use it as much after my trip from KL. Better off taking photos with my phone where I can instantly edit and post on Instagram. EASY! But about months ago, my iPhone screen cracked. By cracked I mean literally cracked straight to the camera lens. Yikes, it’s my second. I don’t want to fix it or anything because DAMN it cost IMG_0635-02-06-17-05-31almost a month of my university allowance. Not going to fix it at all! Still can use it as usual, except that I don’t feel good taking photos. So here it is, my camera to the rescue! It’s Samsung NX1000, in Pink edition! I get a lot of compliments on my camera and it makes me feel so uneasy. [Just because I am not good with Hooman]. I have been taking pictures for my Instagram better [quality HEHE], as well as videos! I do feel like ” oooh I should start taking random videos, edit and post it”. I really like to do so, but at that time, I don’t feel like doing anything. Just hope that June will make me feel all motivated!


Shout out to Shopmichibu FOUND IT. BOUGHT IT. USE IT. LOVE IT!!

I have been SAMSUNG CSCusing Mildliner for highlighting my notes. Really loving the color, and showing off these highlighters to my boyfriend until he’s annoyed. [yes, I’m that kind of girlfriend] Also It’s been almost two months of me using Mildliner, I just knew the SAMSUNG CSCFINE part is THERE, I used BOLD part most of the time. And also it’s from ZEBRA Brand, MY FAVOURITE BRAND! For 3 years since 2012 using ZEBRA pens, which is only available at Miri, which again I stop going to Miri for 3 years now, bummer. SO HAPPY to know an online store selling ZEBRA brand!


Rice Water Bright Cleansing OilFullSizeRender

I wrote a review on it last month, click Here to read it! Moving on from Clean and Clear which I have been using it from the age of 12 I think. I don’t know the latest product really does not match my skin, or pretty much kind of messed up my skin, so I stopped and start to use Rice Water, for almost half of the year now. Its refreshing smells amazing and the packaging is a plus.

Vanpir Dark Repair Cream.SAMSUNG CSC I know at first I thought it was VAMPIRE! My bad, but it does have those pointy teeth on the packaging. This cream is all over youtube and I really really want to try it. Goes to a cosmetic website – sees the price – cries a river. Damn that thing is so expensive. Guess what? Few weeks after that, there’s a promotion, below BND $20. GETTTTT ITTTT! Loving the product ever since! it’s so nice, soft and smells weird but its okay!


Butter Waffles and KitKat Chunky Cookies and Cream!! Thanks to my boyfriend I am addicted to both! I don’t have the photo but you can just google it if you want to. It’s so gooood that I HAVE to buy again!


So that’s my May favorites! I know its not as much, but these are numbers of things that I really really like! Whats yours?

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