Journal Layout

First Journal

Well, it’s technically not my first journal. Probably “My first bullet Journal” which I’m inspired by numbers of youtubers. Also big thanks to my cousin for telling me another eshop with Muji pens!


So this is my June Bullet Journal – sort of. This month’s theme will be Beyond The Boundary or 境界の彼方 (Kyōkai no Kanata). I want my journal to be anime related of course! I made a few mistakes attempting to do this, but overall it was fun making it and showing it off to my boyfriend, hahaha. Also to my sister.

Why do I want to start a Bullet Journal? Got me thinking, I have a blog, I can upload my favourites, best of months, experiences and everything. BUT I myself is a very “I WANT TO TRY” kind of person and I do like drawing and doodling.  Will journaling or bullet journalling will be my hobby? Probably, hopefully, we’ll see!


Ship them so hard! It was actually a mess, in which I tried to make a dark-galaxy-crayon thing, changed it to purple-ish. I don’t even know, I tried. Sort of like it, sort of hmm. What do you think?

This section is mainly to remind me about my “monthly goals”. On top, of course, my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up! NERVOUS and EXCITED as well! Secondly, doodle! Just so I can relax my mind a bit. Thirdly, books! read more books! I’ve finished My Life as Eva : The Struggle is Real. For at least to read three books, or more! Lastly, blog!


I know some of you might familiar or, not. This section is where I will write two amazing things, anything on that day! Just to remind me, there will always be one or two good things to be thankful for.


Habit Tracker! which I blurred mine, not going to show you what I want to track of course. Hahaha, that would be… Okay, this section is so obvious, just wanting to know how constant I am towards something, like have I clean up my room, OH yes a few days ago, or how many times I clean my room in a month. Yeah sounds good. Also mood tracker. hmm, scary but let’s go with it


As for this one, I love everything! It turns out to be amazing that I don’t want to write anything! or Scared to even write something that it would ruin the look. UGH. #PrayForMyJournal


Sleep Tracker, well it’s semester break. BUTT I need to know my sleeping pattern. Its messed up, but then again, it might be fun to know how many hours I sleep. In total!!

Lets just hope that I will be well organize, and keep writing with this Journal. I mean, I keep journals before this, I really want to try bullet journal! Hope it goes well!! How about you? Do you have your own bullet journal? Yes? No? what do you think about it?

“Also, I have been wondering, to mentioned a brand, or a company, eshop on my blog, like a lot. Am I giving free promotion/advertisement? Which, I have always been telling or asking my boyfriend. I mean it’s a good thing, but I don’t know. hmm.. “


Have a good day hooman!



11 thoughts on “First Journal

  1. Love your layouts! I’ve been trying to keep up with a bullet journal this year for all my travels but with little luck! Do you have any tips for staying motivated while journaling?


    1. Thank you! would love to see your travel journal!
      For me, I think that to doodle, or draw the layout motivates me into keep on track, also watch more videos related to Bullet Journal 🙊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks great! I was just thinking you won’t be thanking your cousin when you go broke from buying muji pens…*

    *Speaking from experience of being a mujipenaholic


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