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Best of April

Hello, hooman! I am back (again) with a new post and its BEST OF APRIL! I know it was two months ago but I really need to post it! SO here goes!


April 1,

VelvetImageRemember that I mentioned about this one game that I really want? Starting April with. . . ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GAME! Odin Sphere! I bought it, finally! I have been searching for this game for years! Used to play it on PlayStation 2. There are lots of changes,


odin_spheredon’t you think? But it was so good and I neglected my study – damn it – but I NEED TO PLAY! you feel me? Velvet is my favourite character among all.

April 8,

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThe day I have been waiting for! Both of us! It’s our first anniversary! I mean damn, one year with my boyfriend. I am beyond happy! Getting ready, I wear the same dress I wore a year ago. With necklace, he gave to me a few days ago. Pick me up and surprise me with a bouquet of flower, my favourite flowers! We went to Sarang Korea Restaurant for our lunch!  Lastly, we went for an Italian dinner. I gave him something after the dinner, DIY polaroid films of every moment. More in details just click Here do check it out!





April 12,

It’s the last lecture for E.Business, our lecturer gave gifts to top 3 for quiz, presentation, and to all actually. The only Level 4000 I took for this semester, quite early but I have no choice. overall the class was great!







I have numbers of the list. towards the end of the semester, can you believe that my accounting lecturer said we have our last assignment? It’s one week before the examination. I was upset and mad and I don’t know man.

April 15,

Asked my boyfriend to go to BIBD Home Showcase, so we did! I posted about it earlier last month so check it out!



April 22,


Entrepreneurship and New Venture Showcase! I did mention that I do not want to jinx it regarding my entrepreneurship group, BUT I have to say this is the most amazing group ever! not argument, lots of idea contribution, everyone is nice and honest!


Also, I had my first ShareTea, yes my first Sharetea it was good! I want more!

April 23,

UBD Impact 2017, it is an annual event by our University, or probably one of the modules that FASS Student have taken. Please do check out the video I made!


April 25,


Finally, some us time. My boyfriend and I, Sword Art Online the movie, FINALLY! We hardly have time to watch any movie this semester, busy af. The movie was good, so good! Have you watched it?

April 27,

Take note that this is revision week. and one of my lecturers gave us last minute assignment, which should be submitted on 29th of April. R-U-KITTEN-ME. Thank god to my new friend, not sure if I should state her name, but GOD BLESS YOU HOOMAN!

In the afternoon, my family and I went for a short visit to my grandparents (my mom’s side) It’s been a while, I did mention that. And my grandma gave lots and lots of snacks for us. Mostly traditional snacks.

April 30,

Guys guys guys guys! You know much I really really love Salmon (food category), and finally, I get to eat my dear salmon! after more than six months of Puasa-Salmon. My god. That taste! THAT GLORIOUS TASTE OF SALMON. I might be exaggerating but SALMON!

And Gelato!






How was your April? I know it’s a very late post but, better than never!

IMG_0115Have a good day hooman!IMG_7865-25-01-17-03-16

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