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Boyfriend’s Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, mi love! It was yesterday 23rd of June. Okay okay story time!

First thing first, a surprise is a must! I woke up at 8, and he’s still awake, woke up at 9, this hooman still wide awake, and finally to prepare everything before 10. Went to his house, feeling both excited and nervous! Thinking. .

Where should I park this car

What if he’s still awake! 

What if his car made that alarm sound thingy! 

What if the cats tried to kill the balloons!

I ran as fast as I could and, tied the balloon with my sister. My heart falls as soon as his mother was there, told me she’s going to wake him up, tell him that I’m here.




So I told her not to tell him I was there, at all! my god my kokoro. Everything is settled and, lastly, Birthday Card! RUN AWAY!

He woke up half an hour or an hour after that, texted him that he should check outside, his car actually. The first thing he told me was “The balloons flew away” WELL, not all hahaha, okay what a mess. And

Well, well well, well, well, well, well, he’s surprised! FINALLY! hahaha, man, I tried. Saw his InstaStory “Woke up to this and I am pretty sure only my girl would do this to my car 😂”, “She made DIY Birthday Card 😍” Yas hooman, I am his only girl HEHE. So happy that he’s surprised!


In the afternoon around 5, he picks me up from my house and before that, I tried to carry his gifts and another balloon that Garfield tried to EAT. Long story short, we had our iftar together at Boat Noodle for the first time and I like the table, I like the chair, everything about the place, of course, the food, do not forget the food! Also, we played (sort of) around or testing my new camera while waiting for the food. Overall it was good!



Afterwards, we’re going to watch a movie at The Mall, forgetting that it’s Raya season, Shopping season, All those traffic – instead we went to Kiulap. Watched Transformer, did not check that it takes more than two hours! Freezing, but it was fun. After that, we went to my house, asked him to come inside and BAM! Surprise Birthday Pizza! Yes, pizza, instead of cake. Thanks to my siblings working things out for me, sort of! Lastly, his final gifts, in a turquoise coloured bag with stuff inside. Really hope that he likes the gifts and also the surprises.


Happy Birthday (Belated for today) to

the most meowsome hooman

 my boyfriend,

my Farid! 

As always, I love you!

Oh! Almost forgot, going to make a video about today soon!

Have a good day hooman!



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