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Best of May

Examination month, dying month, no sleep kind of month and most importantly freeze to death kind of month! Ain’t that amazing.


At this moment, I don’t keep an update about anything. Not a thing! not even a good photos of things! sigh but here goes!

I had Marketing Management, E.Business, Entrepreneurship and New Venture and lastly Accounting, my least favourite module. Well scratch that, not even close to favourite. All of in which I have to sit at 7 PM, and it was rainy season. Not so very cool way to start the examination. Not cool man, not cool.

What I really do like (I know right) is the revision journey. You know that have to download past year paper, read the whole dear god help me textbooks – if you are a business students, you know how GOD DAYUMN thick those textbooks are – rewrite notes that I have already prepare during and after class. Yes, I am that kind of person who writes notes again, and again, and again. Until my hand hurts as hell. It’s my last semester of 2nd year. I need to score or improve at least, which I did my freaking best studying as much as I could. Don’t believe me? Ask my boyfriend. HEHE

IMG_0235Time will never be by my side, and the questions are confusing like 15 marks for 3 pages at least, but when it’s 40 marks, damn what am I supposed to write a novel? Just kidding, I write as much as I could. But also, at that time I feel like I CAN DO THIS or DAMN IT YOU KNOW THIS or fuck it, I know I did my best. That kind of mix feelings and I do not like it at all. I did mention freezing to death kind of month, yes to be in a hall for 3 hours straight, two sweatshirt is not even enough. I feel like a frozen hooman meat ready for zombie to eat (that rhyme tho).

All done with exam paper, let’s do the victory dance! Well actually no I’m just being a cat at home.


I bought snacks for my kids, new brand actually and it’s pretty good. Do you guys smell your cats/dogs food, and thinks that it smells GOOD, or am I just that weird. Just hope that I am not the only one here.

Sad sad month indeed, Heny one of my classmate, international student from Indonesia have to go home the next morning after our exam at IMG_0311night. Which I have to wake my boyfriend as early as 6, to pick me up and send off Heny.

One, I am not the kind of person who cries

Two, I feel awkward as hell that everyone is crying except for me

Three, I am so not a hugger kind of hooman


Semester break, was not a good start for me – I feel down down down down down and I just can’t believe that I’m being a cat for a whole week. By being a cat as in – eat, watch videos, sleep and repeat. Hardly post anything on Instagram or here. Not good hooman.

Finally went out with my boyfriend, and we tried ChaTraMue for the first time, SAMSUNG CSCtrying to taste what the HYPE of it. I mean Brunei is pretty kawaii, new food and drinks, shops and fashion spread like wildfire! So yeah, we ordered Matcha, I mean what else – it taste like Diva’s Matcha, but more KhoLat version, read that with khalkalah. Loving the package though, know what makes it so Mr.Expensive desu.

SAMSUNG CSCAlso, we went to Rumah Gelato, I’ve tried Chocolate flavor twice, during school events. and this time, we tried caramel, milk tea and oreo flavor all in one huge cup! It’s soooo good! Caramel is the bomb!

Since, I am not feeling like going out at the moment, my boyfriend downloaded “Space Between Us” so we could watch together, via FaceTime of course. That LDR feels. Overall the movie was great.

Boatime. Told you there’s a trend as you can see number of posts on Instagram. My boyfriend suggested to have brunch at BoaTime. Little did I know, this is my first time eating crab. By carb I mean that crab crab that tiny crab I ate that tiny whole crab crab. I feels weird but it taste good. At the same day, we went to Ochado, ordered Matcha because I am so not even close to familiar to the menu. Hey, it’s my first as well, and of course you know what I would say G-O-D-D-A-M-N-GOOOOOOOOD. Okies, enough of that.

Sad to know that my mom and my brothers could not come to JP, my boyfriend invited so that we could have a relax-kind-of-bond-fun-thing once a while. But it’s just my boyfriend and I, also my sister. All time winning third-wheeler. Chill, three of us had too much fun. and I suck at mini golf, I tried. Didn’t get to take pictures as much. the last time I went to Jerudong Park, when I was 7 – yes that long.

The month of Ramadhan! So weird that it’s on June, but good timing during semester break! First day of Ramadhan, my family and I went to my grandparent’s house for iftar together. This is the first time in forever ~ on my mom’s side. Felt a bit awkward because, I do not socialise as much. It feels great to spend my time with my grandparents.

Then again, it’s been awhile, in which again I should have take pictures but nah I did not. My boyfriend and I went to the Stadium, where there are LOTS OF HOOMAN, and I get dizzy and confused, so not feeling well to be surrounded with hooman. In Brunei, lots of vendors selling lots and lots of food at “The Stadium” during Ramadhan, tradition? not sure, but kinda. Okay, when was the last time I – Years ago.

I know this post is two months late! But hope that you enjoy reading it! Have a good day hooman!


2 thoughts on “Best of May

  1. “Do you guys smell your cats/dogs food, and thinks that it smells GOOD, or am I just that weird”

    No I’ve done this. Just one tip though: DON’T TASTE IT. I PROMISE IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE IT SMELLS.

    Not that I have ever tasted any.. you know… just… so I hear…


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