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Best of June

June, is one of the month that I have been waiting for! It’s my boyfriend’s month, in which I have to get ready for it!


This month I started to join the “Bullet Journal” journey as you can see from my previous post. Do check it out, I choose anime theme because why not. So far it’s good, not to the point where the last few days of June I forgot to update. I manage to keep daily updates of my work, face care, basically by habit tracker and also sleep tracker! I only sleep for 163 hours this month, not so great.

I also create my own Youtube channel to support my blog, bit of videos might add up, makes it more interesting. So, let’s start on what I did during the month of June!


Not that series kind of girl, but iZombie is another thing. Thanks to my boyfriend I really like to watch iZombie, not until season 2. I don’t know it’s getting messed up, twisted and I don’t like it anymore. But she’s pretty, with that hair. Are you guys into Zombies?



Another month of being in a relationship with my boyfriend, where today we went for a movie date The Mummy. A lot different from the traditional or the usual Mummy movies, overall it was 8/10! Afterwards for Iftar, had korean food at his favourite restaurant. I brought my camera along to take short videos. later that night, we went to Yayasan walking around and I saw that one camera, THE ONE I have always wanted since last year. It’s in my 2016 pending wishlist still.


Since I am in the mood for Bullet Journal related, I bought new pens! I think I spend too much but, I hardly spend things for myself so – THIS IS THE TIME! Here’s my current collection: IMG_1573



IMG_1571Preparing for my boyfriend’s birthday gifts. Remembering that last year the gifts got him surprised and for this year I want to surprise him even more. Listing down what I should do and such, I keep on misplacing those list or my cats ate it. As for today, I asked a friend of mine to print some pictures of my boyfriend and I on polaroid film.


Last few weeks I order this trending item “Blackhead Remover” you know the one that keep on popping up on Twitter and Instagram. So, my boyfriend and I tried it, he said it wasn’t that painful to peel the mask off. Hooman, when you have a very sensitive to pain kind of skill, bonus tears will comes out from your eyes. I hurts like hell. BUT the result was amazing, soft skin, no blackheads and painful af. Totally recommend it.



IMG_1574Went out for Iftar with my boyfriend again, we had Korean food again. Hahaha he’s into korean food, after that I had my FIRST MOCHI! No one ever told me mochi can be this good! If you know me, well most of you don’t but – I am clumsy af, there will ALWAYS BE, ALWAYS at least one piece of my food (that include drinks) fall to the ground, on my shirt, or my hijab. And it happened again, my mochi. Staring too long on the ground saying goodbye to my purple mochi, look at my boyfriend’s eyes – He already knows this will happen. And we bought Wintermelon Tea with Rock Salt Cheese! My favourite thanks to Farid.


Had a sister bonding moment. When was the last time I drive a car to places other than Giant and University. Long ago of course. I keep on talking, sing random song so I won’t be nervous, while my sister have to deal with me. We’re going on a gift hunt for my boyfriend, bought him Japanese snacks, and other things that took me almost three hours. Thanks to my sister for coping up with my silly questions and I don’t know what the hell kind of conversation we had but it was fun. Good thing that Farid is still asleep during that period of time.


It is the day that I have been waiting for! I worked so hard for it, got into a fewIMG_1579 bumps or something like that. The camera that I wanted since last year! well that took me less than a month to collect the money, only with the encouragement and the full support from my boyfriend. So happy that I finally got it! Before playing around with it, I have to charge the battery for 8 hours. Bummer.

While waiting, my family and I went to my Grandparent’s house for iftar. I ate a lot, like a lot, a lot!


Shopping – good thing I’m the eldest. In terms of pushing the trolley with lots of things in it is not what I like to do, I used to but not anymore. Had to go to somewhere first to buy the balloons! Which in the end my brother had too much fun playing around with it.


The day that I have been waiting for! I am both excited and nervous – will it goes well – is going to be happy or surprised about it and such! I’m happy that it went well, mostly the balloon part! I think he’s the first to ever recieved balloon, never bought one for anyone before this. Do check out my post related for today’s event Here.



Sooooooo, things happened. Two things actually. Forgot to mentioned. One, my phone screen (I have two, both of them RIP) literally cracked into hundreds of pieces, probably because the battery is going to explode or something so yeah that’s one. Two, something happened with my MacBook – the battery part, also the fan. I don’t even know how to – feel – is that the right word but yes, I don’t know how to actually feel about this situation. New semester is coming right up in a month, have to wait for the items needed by two to three weeks and basically I can’t bring around my laptop anywhere without the charger.

Keep telling myself it’s fine, you can do this. Just a test. I-T  I-S  F-I-N-E.



The moment or the day that people have been waiting for!Not really, here in Brunei we’re late in one day. It’s Eid Mubarak! The day we celebrate to eat more than we could, get ampau, meet friends and family, get ampau, take lots of OOTD pictures of their new Baju Kurung or Baju Cara Melayu for instagram. For real, my Instagram feed is full with Hooman OOTD every single day for two weeks straight. That’s sort of how people celebrate nowadays. But I am not into the mood this year.


Raya outing, is that what you called? Well my boyfriend and I went to his friend’s house for a visit. As an awkward potatocat kind of girlfriend I do not talk at all. not at all. I don’t even know how to socialize anymore. Let’s ignore that part and head onto SUSHI DATE. Hooman it’s been forever! Do check this video out for Raya Related stuff!


Here’s the video, took me awhile to edit it, hope that you guys enjoy reading the blog post and watching the video as well!

So, what do you guys think? I’m trying this new editor for the pictures and of course the video, although I need to do more practice on editing, I had fun doing so. Took way too much on my time, need to manage that. Let me know on the comment section below yeah!


2 thoughts on “Best of June

  1. Omg I just finished rewatching izombie too! And I love her hair too! Lol been planning to get mine cut like hers. But I really wish she would tell her fiance everything from the beginning instead of hurting him like that.


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